Saturday, March 9, 2013

People I Want To Punch In The Face

It's overdue. There are a heck of a lot of folks out there I would like to give a punch in the face to. I got a little aggression out this afternoon in a photo shoot with my favorite photographer, Zachary.  Please go ahead and laugh at my expense.

1) Justin Bieber. I understand that there are millions of hormonal tweens in lust with boy wonder, and at first I had patience with the pop-star. I merely rolled my eyes when "Never, Say, Never" was released. (For the love of God Bieber, you were something like 11 when you were discovered, there wasn't even time to give up on your adolescent fantasy of fame. You do not inspire me.) But now that the kid is romping around half naked with his tush hanging out the back of his pants I can no longer hold my tongue. I feel like I'm looking at kiddie porn when I see his six pack abs in People magazine. Put some clothes on kiddo! And Justin? I know you can afford pants that fit your tight little buns, so why not flatter your rear with some real pants? You look FOOLISH. BAHHHH.

2) The freaky lady at the gym. There are lots of people at the YMCA that cause me to groan inwardly, but this one takes the cake. Said lady is fifty something and in decent shape, but by no means a "cougar." She is the kind of woman who you would expect to find on the beach with socks and crocks and visible sunscreen pasted over her every inch of skin. Crazy gym lady insists on attending just about every class that I do, which is fine, except that she refuses to participate in class. While everyone else is following the instructor's directions, lifting, squatting and sweating in unison, she simply does her own thing. Right. Smack. In front of me. With incredible intensity. I don't understand why she feels the need to join our group activity when she does not want to participate in a group activity. There are other rooms in the gym, free and available for her individual workout. I'm baffled. Simply baffled. And HIGHLY annoyed.

3) The vet. I don't blame the vet for Bascom's misfortune (serious dental disease, resulting in the extraction of 19 teeth.) However I am rather confused as to how he could have been so off on his estimates. When he examined my dog and made his recommendations he estimated that she would have up to three teeth removed. I got a call a few hours after I dropped Bascom off for her procedure and I was informed that instead of three teeth, there would be 19 teeth pulled, and by the way that's an extra $500. That's a pretty big difference. I am not insinuating that I would have not had the procedure done had I known, however, it would have been nice to have been prepared. Sorry kids. No college for you.

Really. Just try me. :)

Having some fun with it.
That's all for tonight. Until next time, breaking in my boxing gloves.


  1. You have a hard time looking mean. Is the gym lady the same one who groans and sings constantly?

  2. Actually I will have to add more people to my list

  3. I think that gym lady's sister goes to my gym!