Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Loving Memory, $1500

Let's be honest, Flanders was never a "good" cat. He wouldn't let you pick him up, he was scared of everything and he had a habit of peeing and puking on anything that might be difficult to clean. He cost us thousands and thousands of dollars over the years, from the destroyed attic in the Berkeley home we rented, to the stained carpets and the final vet bills. Of course that didn't stop me from loving him and mourning his passing.

I rarely mention Bascom, our ten year old 45 pound black lab/mix. I got her in the nesting phase of my life, before children, when I was simply trying on the idea of being a responsible adult and "dog mommy." She was an adorable and well loved puppy. We took her on hikes, picnics, and even threw her a giant first birthday party. Yes, we were those people.My relationship with Bascom has changed over the years as our children have taken priority and zapped our energy. I curse the little black furs I find covering our floors, and despise the waste pick-up in our yard and on walks. Yet she is a good enough dog. She has always been kind to our children and withstood everything from championship dog-ridding to tail pulling with good cheer. 

Upon returning from our vacation my in-laws (who were kindly running the ship in our absence) informed us that Bascom did not seem well. She wasn't eating, was lethargic and had taken to drooling. Not to mention that she stinks. She has smelled for some time, but I can't even stand to be near her now. No less than two weeks after visiting Broadway Pet Hospital with Flanders, I now needed to return with our dog, at least it was convenient, my cat's ashes were ready for pick up.

Long and boring story short, I left the vet with a bill estimating $1500. Let me say that again. $1500. For a dog with bad breath. Turns out Bascom's mouth is infected. She received a shot of antibiotics and pain medication and will be returning on Friday to be put under anesthesia and receive a dental exam/cleaning/extractions. In case you are wondering, I don't happen to have an extra $1500 just burning a whole in my pocket, but what choice do I have? The poor dog needs help.

So today I am one cat memorial richer (see picture) and $1500 poorer.

Tell me again why we love our pets? 


  1. We love our pets because they love us unconditionally back! ;) They listen to our cursing, our secrets, our family goings on, and they just want to make us happy (or eat).. (or lick their nether regions) hehehe.. but they love us in that amazing way only an animal can.. and the $$ in our wallets may as well have wings when we own pets!! haha x

  2. Sorry to hear about your cat. And no joke about the vet bills... we have 2 dogs and 3 cats (down from 4 dogs when we moved to portland) and I swear, we could send our kids to college on the amount we have spent on vet bills!