Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When he grows up....

It must be nice to have your whole life planned out ahead of you, especially when you are only 4.5 years old. Just ask Evan, he has it all figured out.

When he is grown up he will:

Work at Clorox, making Brita bottles.
Have three kids named Julian, Ryan & Colin. There will be no girls. Of course there won't.
He will let Julian, Ryan & Colin watch T.V. whenever they want to, even in the car.
He will have a dog named Bascom and two cats, Wynkoop & Flanders. He will give his pets these names to remind him of his current animals.
His wife will only work sometimes. He doesn't know who his wife will be, he has lots of time to figure that one out.
He will go jogging on the weekends but he won't have time to go to the YMCA, he will be too busy.
He will have cookies and ice cream whenever he wants to, even for breakfast.
He will have a big blue car.
His parents will be very, very old.
He will have a full piggy bank.

Now it's documented. Check back in 30 years and see if Evan really will be working in a water bottle factory.

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  1. Ha! That boy is so clever. What a sweetie! Doesn't he want to work n an IPad store?