Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm going to do a half...eventually.

No half for you!

That was what I was telling myself yesterday.  After a difficult eight mile run on Sunday I decided that I will simply not be ready to run the Oakland half marathon on March 24. A week on vacation and a week sick has put me too far behind on my training. In a word today's run was miserable. Side cramps, stiff legs, wishing for the end the entire time. I spent most of yesterday feeling disappointed and discouraged, but by the end of the day I found myself re-energized as I researched future bay area runs.  What I needed was a goal, and I found one.

May 5, The Pleasanton Half Marathon. It isn't particularly sexy, no bells and whistles, no ocean view or San Francisco skyline, but it's nearby, and most importantly it's FLAT. 13 miles is hard enough on flat ground, I don't feel the need to be adding any steep city-by-the-bay hills!

I have also decided that I'm doing this run all by myself. My husband had offered to run with me, as have other friends, and while I understand that many people are motivated by workout buddies I find running to be an individual sport. This race is for me and about me. I don't want to worry that I'm slowing someone down or feeling like I need to hold a conversation. I don't want to stop for water if I don't want to stop for water, I don't want to keep any one's pace but my own, and quiet honestly I don't want to share the moment, I want it all to myself.

I know that 13 miles is a mere training run for real marathoners, and the accomplishment might not sound so great, but it's more than I have ever done, or have ever felt capable of doing, so I am damn excited and damn inspired to do this. And yes, I will be posting pictures. May 5th baby! I have some training to do....


  1. Go get 'em--you'll do great!!

  2. Thanks guys! I need cheerleaders!

  3. Good for you! Not giving up, but altering the plan a bit :)

    I've always wanted a lean runner's body without actually having to run to get it...haha!