Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Recap: Farewell, Chuck E. Cheese & Daddy's Day!

It was a weekend of celebrations, and now that they are over everything seems so....quiet. We kicked off the weekend with a gathering of some of Zack's friends to say goodbye to his best buddy Ethan. It had been a hard week leading up to the big farewell, as Zack had grown very attached to his rambunctious partner-in-crime. There were tears on and off throughout the week as Zachary grieved the impending move. He asked me repeatedly if we would go and visit Ethan in Seattle, and if he would ever see his friend again. Unfortunately the answer is more than likely no and that was hard to take. Luckily we had a jammed packed weekend, and a fun summer planned and the sorrow already seems to be fading. Such is life for a six year old, easily distracted!

Saturday was the MAIN EVENT. Evan's birthday. The setting? Think chaos. Think children screaming, wailing and giggling. Think too many people in too small a space. Think ugly mechanical rats "singing" censored top 40 music. Think microwaved pizza. Think.... CHUCK E. CHEESE. Me? I found it stressful, impersonal and exhausting. My kids? They were in heaven. They all had a blast, and I of course can't argue with that. There was no party preparation, no clean up and it was relatively affordable as far as parties go, so I refuse to complain, even though it is sort of an adult version of hell.
Spongebob Cake

Birthday boy loved his crown!

Julian knows how to party

Sunday was Father's Day. I tried to convince my dear husband that to honor him on his special day, I should leave him to have quality time with the boys and check myself into a spa, but since that was a no-go we decided on a day at the beach and it was awesome! We packed a picnic lunch and headed to Cull Canyon. I cannot believe that I have lived in the bay area for almost three years and have never been there before. It is a beautiful, warm spot with clean shallow water. We ended up bumping into some friends there and spent the afternoon eating, swimming and soaking up summer.

Dad & his boys

So there you have it, a beautiful fun filled weekend. I'm looking forward to many more this summer!


  1. So happy it was a good weekend!

  2. Fun! I am afraid for the day that Finn figures out that there is a chuck e cheese about 2 miles from out house. It totally is an adult version of hell.

  3. Ok...I'm cheating. I found you via my good friend Johi (confessions of a cornfed girl). I love reading blogs of other boy -mamas! I have 5...5 boys! I'm also a Midwestern girl...I'm kind of excited to read more of your stuff!!