Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kargas Inc: Celebrates Employee Appreciation Months!

Dear Staff,

A message from your CEO
To celebrate our continued success at Kargas Inc, we have designated June & July as Employee Appreciation Months! What do we have in store for you? We kicked off the month with Julian's 1 year anniversary party! There was food, drinks, and a bounce house to mark the occasion. We again wish to congratulate Julian on all of his accomplishments over the past year and anticipate more good work from him in the years to come.

Next week we will celebrate our Junior Associate, Evan's 4 year anniversary with Kargas Inc! This event will be offsite at the fabulous Chuck E. Cheese's. Our social committee chair (also the CEO), has even ordered a Spongebob cake. We would like to make a polite reminder that we expect professional, appropriate behavior, even at offsite functions. Please remember to drink responsibly, there will be a two juice box max.

Finally in July we will be taking an incentive trip to an all inclusive resort in exotic Madison Wisconsin.! We have luxury accommodations at Chez Shaw, with its fabulous kiddy pool, swim up/walk across the lawn bar and five star restaurant, Nana's. (We hear they make a killer fluffernuter sandwich.) This trip will include plenty of team building activities and time to network with our Wisconsin counterparts. *****Due to budget constraints and travel logistics, support staff (Bascom, Flanders & Wynkoop) will need to remain onsite. We apologize, and special accommodations will be made for them.

We are very excited to spend these next two months celebrating YOU, our valued employees, because we know how hard you work everyday (soccer, naps, play dates, cleaning up your toys, art projects, whining about dinner, brushing your own teeth, it's all very exhausting.)

Don't forget, that of course this August we will be honoring your very own CEO in a month long celebration of her birthday.



  1. love it! Sounds like a great summer for Kargas Inc.
    When do your stocks go public?

    1. Sadly, our stocks would not be worth a red cent. ;)

  2. Ha, I love this post! It made me laugh out loud!

    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to your blog. Love it!


  3. This was so sweet and cute--loved it! Sounds like everyone will be having a great time this summer! PS--I've heard Wisconsin has awesome water parks.

  4. haha! you are so funny, love it. Yay you guys!!

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  6. hehehe...good luck with that polite reminder for the off site function. Our employees have really short memories and sometimes the polite reminders need to become a little more impolite.
    Like the sound of that month long celebration for CEOs birthday. we might adopt that around here....

  7. Oh, PS. That iheartcookees comment was mine, but didn't realise my daughter had been using my laptop and logged me out, logged herself in....... :)