Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Four For My Four Year Old

The Birthday Boy-Spring 2012

Top Four Evan Moments Of The Year

Baby Evan!
1. Watching Evan hold his baby brother for the first time. Evan has loved Julian from the moment he was born. He is such an awesome, awesome big brother. I am so proud of my sweet little boy!
2. Cuddling on the sofa with Evan on a cold December night. His older brother was at a birthday party and Evan and I were alone watching Christmas movies in front of our beautiful tree. It was such a special moment, it is rare that I get time alone with my middle child!
3. Receiving Evan's Christmas gift. Evan made a votive at preschool and packaged it in homemade wrapping paper. When I went to pick him up from school, Evan was so excited to give me his gift he could not wait for Christmas. He handed me the pretty package and said "This is for the whole family, because I love the whole family!" I melted.
4. Seeing his sleepy face brighten this morning when I greeted him with a cheeful "Happy Birthday" He smiled and said "This is going to be the best day ever!" I sure hope so little buddy.

Top Four Words To Describe Evan:
First Birthday

1. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet! Evan gives hugs and kisses so freely and is always ready for a cuddle. He is always telling me, his dad and brothers that he loves us. He is so affectionate. I love it.
2. Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn! Oh God help you if you should ask Evan to eat his dinner when he doesn't like it, or wear a jacket when doesn't believe it to be cold. You might as well be fighting with a brick wall. The kid won't budge.
3. Silly: The kid likes to wear his shoes on the wrong feet, tells senseless knock-knock jokes and carries around a pillow he calls Da-Dough. Need I say more?
@ 18 months
4. Exhibitionist: There is nothing this four year old likes more than being buck naked. Frequently the pants come off as soon as he enters the front door. At least he has a cute tush.

Top Four Things That I Wish For Evan In The Coming Year: 

1. I hope he keeps his sweet personality and continues to love easily.
2. I hope he develops a better sense of fashion. I am often painfully embarrassed by my child's preferred homeless look.

 3. I hope he learns that following directions isn't always the worst thing in the whole-wide-world.
4. I hope he continues to be my silly, lovable, cuddly little trouble maker.

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  1. Happy birthday to our precious four year old! You have great grandpa Leonard's stubborn streak!

  2. OH my gosh he is so cute. I will always have a soft spot for middle children. :) Such a great post to pay tribute to your sweet 'middle.'

  3. Happy Birthday Evan! I love his hair. It's just like my husband's was and he was, oddly, the middle child (I always think they come out the best).

  4. happy birthday to your little man!