Thursday, June 21, 2012

People I want to punch in the face

I'm on the war path today. This time I have my sites set on bay area medial professionals. Basically all of you. (*slight* exaggeration.)

I started writing a post on my disappointment in the health care I have received since I moved to California, but then began to realize how boring the whole thing was. So I am going to make it simple. For the most part the doctors I have seen here have sucked. Really SUCKED. My most recent ankle injury has left me fuming at the "care" I received. Let's put it this way-I was injured back in January and here we are in June, only now discovering that I have a fracture, torn ligaments and bruised bone. Awesome. And the podiatrist my less than attentive primary care physician referred me to? Look him up on Yelp and you will see that his patients are basically screaming to STAY THE HELL AWAY.  Perfect. Just Perfect. So to you, bay area doctors who I have had the displeasure of meeting, a cyber punch in the face. Thank you.

Who's up next?

The elliptical machine. Okay, so an elliptical machine isn't living and doesn't have a face, but I would still like to smash it to little bits and pieces. Dumb gerbil wheel, how I despise thee. Now that I am unable to run due to my bum ankle, I have to select a low-impact aerobic exercise to keep myself from becoming a total lethargic reality-tv junkie. So basically it's swimming (which I don't do.), biking (which I don't do.) or the elliptical. I don't swim because, really I don't know how. The whole thing is embarrassing and uncomfortable for me. I hate floundering about in the YMCA lap pool with impatient swimmers behind me, wondering if I have ever really graduated from the dog paddle. (No. I haven't.) And biking? I have been afraid of a bike since I was 10 years old. Speeding on two rickety wheels. Nothing between you and the pavement but your skinny little bones. I know. Irrational. Whatever. I'm crazy. Sue me. That leaves me with...the elliptical machine. The f*cking elliptical machine. It's hard and it's boring, even when I'm plugged into Bravo TV watching a rerun of Tabitha's Salon Takeover. It is BORING. I watch the clock tick off every second. Tick Tock. I smell the stink of the person on the adjacent machine. I want to go home. I want the nightmare that is "exercise" to be over. So I dutifully put in my 30 minutes and leave the gym feeling totally unfulfilled. Screw you elliptical. There has to be something better.

What else? What else? There must be something, but I'm all tired out from being angry and I'm going to bed.


  1. LOL, my CA doctor is the one that missed my fractured pelvis! Yeah, not impressed with docs in CA.

    Have you tried the Jacob's Ladder? It's a killer- like a treadmill for your feet AND hands.

    I kinda like the elliptical. I can zone out and let my mind hash out all the crap that's in it.

  2. I wish I had a Dr. recommendation for you. I would be miffed too. Hope it turns around and you find an excellent doc.

    I was thinking of getting an elliptical as our treadmill needs replacing but I was a little hesitant. I don't want to gerbil wheel feel either :-)

    I'm settling in for Wii exercise via Sports resort with my kids--at least we're having fun pretending we're waterskiing, sword fighting, and golfing!!

  3. I hate doctors too. It seems like it takes years to find good ones. Sorry you have been dealing with your ankle still....

  4. I've had great docs in Sacramento. But I've been shocked with how awful my healthcare and that of my family has been in the Bay Area. I wonder why it is so bad in the Bay?

  5. Didn't they take an X-ray? Or did they just miss it altogether? Holy hell!

    And I hate swimming and biking, too. I suck at swimming and biking makes me feel like I'm going to be killed. The only exercise I like to do is outside (and that's not much). So I feel your pain.

    1. Thy did do an X-ray, but small fractures and torn ligaments don't show up on those, needed an MRI. But given the appearance and amount of pain I was in, I ant believe they sent me home with nothing more than an order to buy an ace bandage and rest.....

  6. I'm with you 100%. Not that I'm in the Bay Area, I'm in Australia and tomorrow on my blog I intend to give my immunologist a big fat punch in the face (and three for his registrar....). As for the gym the whole gym thing sucks as far as I'm concerned.
    Very frustrating story re your ankle. Have you thought about actually writing your disappointment to the podiatrist. Years ago I wrote a wickedly satisfying letter to a doctor who had been so patronising to me when I bought my daughter in with a temperature and even today thinking about the awesomeness of that letter makes me smile. My finest moment. Sometimes I even think about getting it framed......
    Hope things can start to look up for your ankle soon.