Sunday, June 10, 2012

Critically Important Post (About my hair and other topics)

Me & Julian at the dolphin show. Nice hat right?
 Okay, so I could be writing about important things, politics, war, starving children, education and a whole host of other topics, but honestly right now I am more interested in talking What else is new? So today a post about My Hair, My Ankle &; My Boys.

Hair: This is serious business folks. I'm obsessed. In misery. Tortured. My hair does seem to be a recurring theme on this blog. Perhaps I need to give it it's own label and start a series. But seriously, how  can one ignore their own hair when it is slowly and painfully growing out of a cute funky style? Right now my side burns are long and half way down my face, the back of my hair is starting to resemble a mullet and my bangs are heavy and uneven. I look like a hot mess. I don't know if I can go through with the operation-grow-out-my-hair. I am now just at the beginning, there is a heck of a lot more pain and ugliness to live through before I'm even half way there. I have been experimenting with different ways of styling, although at this length the options are few. I have the pushed forward messy look, and the sleeked down-slightly greasy style. Someone provide a flattering comment on Facebook comparing my "sleek" style to Twiggy, thus I have been going with that option, when not wearing a hat. What do you think? I know, IMPORTANT, mind boggling stuff here folks.
Twiggy Style

The "messy look"

Ankle: One word about my ankle it SUCKS. My ankle is no better than it was three weeks ago when I re-sprained it. I have been to the podiatrist three times, and as a result I am walking around with a janky medicated ace bandage and haven't washed my right foot for over two weeks. Gag. Me. With. A. Spoon. Did I really just say that? Apparently, yes I did. But it is fairly disgusting. Of course this means my running shoes and my snazzy once inspiring T-Shirt with "Run" on the front of it have been left untouched, taunting me in my closet. It is all quite depressing and I am realizing that it is highly unlikely I will be out jogging again this summer. My plans for a fit body and a half marathon out the window. I believe I will be getting a membership at the YMCA, even though I have been told that it smells like feet, so I can ride the dreaded stationary bike, just to add some sort of low impact activity to my day. I have been sitting on my butt for three weeks now, and it is becoming fairly evident.

Zack & his friend after getting soaked on a water ride
My Boys: We had a fabulous weekend with the boys. Oakland treated us to two uncommon days of actual summer. We had temps near 80 and sunny skies. Saturday we took the boys to Six Flags and had an absolute blast. We hit the water rides, the dolphin show and slurped slushies. Pure summer bliss. Today I took Zack and Evan to Madagascar Three, and then to a friends house for some backyard sprinkler fun and pizza. Tonight I am exhausted but looking forward to a summer with my funny little boys. All FOUR of them!

David & Evan on the swings


  1. I feel your pain on the ankle issue! I'm supposed to be in my first race next Saturday, but I hurt my leg last weekend, and it's seemed worse the last couple of days!

    1. That stinks Chad. I feel like the universe is pushing me to be a coach potato....

  2. Oh, and from what I've seen, I like the Twiggy look. :-)

  3. Both hairstyles are cute! Growing hair out is so hard. I had one girl chop all my hair off when I asked for "a few inches". It looked cute flipped up at the ends, but it so wasn't me. I like either one, but the Twiggy would look good with sleek, modern outfits, and the messy one would look good with bohemian or casual outfits. Win win!

    Sorry to hear about your ankle! :( Do you like swimming? That might be a good low-impact workout.

  4. Man, hurt ankles are no good. Take it easy now and your rest will pay off soon!
    And, if my opinion counts, I think your hair looks cute both ways. Growing out hair just sucks in general. Ever since I get preggo with Finn, I got this terrible wave in my hair and have not yet found a cute way to style it since. I have already surrendered. Surprised my husband hasn't left me yet!

  5. I'm going with the messy look. Love that you are chronicalling your hair growing out. There isn't enough of that of the web, have you noticed? Maybe it's own dedicated blog? ;) Good luck with the ankle. It so sucks when our bodies let us down :(