Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So that's how it works....

What did I do today?

Let's see.....

I dragged your sleeping baby brother out of bed, so we could get you to school on time. No tardy slips allowed!

I braved Target with a six month old and a 3.5 year old to get your buddy a birthday gift. Can't go to a party without a present.

I woke up your sleeping brother (again, but this time only 15 minutes into his long awaited nap) so I could pick you up from school on time.

I made you orange smoothies for snack.

I took you and your brothers to karate. I wore your baby brother in the bjorn, and crossed my fingers that Evan would behave. He did not. I dragged a naughty boy off the mats while still holding a baby in my arms. I entertained them both so that you could learn your martial arts.

I drove you across town so you could get a hip new haircut at the cool salon that plays Spongebob while the stylist snips your hair.

I took the long way home so we could look at Christmas lights. I doubled back to allow you to see the giant tree your brother pointed out, which you missed and thus started balling about.

I made you hamburgers and tater tots for dinner while the baby screamed in the bouncy chair. I endured your insults about my cooking.

I called your friend's mom to arrange a play date at our house... again.

For that, did I get a hug? A kiss? A thank you?


However when daddy walked in the door at 6:30 announcing he had stopped at the library and checked out the latest disgusting Captain Underpants book, you flung yourself in his arms and declared that he was "The best daddy ever!"

Awesome. Just awesome.


  1. sounds like my life- especially now that we are homeschooling- I do everything and get zero appreciation.

  2. Think of it this way. Does Zack thank the air that he breathes for being there? You are the air he breathes.

  3. Um, I definitely could have written this. Daddy always saves the day around here, too, while mean, old Mommy forces the boys to get dressed and brings them to school, and makes them eat food (*gasp!*), and buys them said food, and checks for monsters under the bed every night, etc....

    I'm sure deep down, kids appreciate their moms... right?..... right????.....

  4. oh, boy... living the life...

  5. Yup, that's how it goes some days, doesn't it? I have the same thing happen when my hubs gets all the kudos and claps. Check this out if you need a little's good....

  6. Isn't it maddening? My little one went through a not-just-favoring-Daddy-but-I-hate-Mommy phase for a while. It was heart-wrenching. She's still Daddy's girl but is decent to me now. Can't wait til the teen years. [rolling eyes]

    I enjoy your blog and gave you an award! Please see my latest post for details!