Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Gift

Those commercials. A December To Remember, which of course involves a Lexus with a big red bow. The couple at the skating rink, they slip, fall, laugh, and he presents her with a diamond pendant. Kay Jewelers. An enormous flat screen TV, and a very happy husband. Best Buy. Who actually gets those gifts for Christmas? Not the Kargas family. I imagine not most families. Our Christmas is going to be a tad more shall we say modest?

Do I wish I was getting something sparkly for the holidays? Would I like to get my boys their very own Ipads? Sure, who wouldn't?

However, I have already received an amazing, special present, one that I don't think I would trade for any Prada bag. What was it? It's glass. It glitters in red and gold. It is one of a kind and handmade by a local artist. My 3 year old son. Yesterday I attended the only holiday party that I was invited to this year. It was from 11-11:45am at the Lake School preschool. There was apple juice. There were cupcakes. A crazy, rockin time. Parents were presented with gifts that the children had created just for them. Evan could not have been more proud when I was handed the gift that he had made. It was packaged in gift wrap that he had painted himself and was accompanied by a card he had made with shiny paper and glue. He could not wait until we got home for me to open it, he insisted that I open the present right then and there. The smile on his face, the little bouncy dance he was doing while he waited for me to unwrap his gift, was priceless. With a twinkle in his eye he told me "I made this for the whole family! It's glass, we can't break it."

Indeed it was a glass votive painted in sloppy red and gold strokes. I hugged him hard and told him how much I loved it. He wanted to light the candle as soon as we arrived home. Instead we waited until evening came so we could turn out the lights and enjoy the glow of his creation.

When I was a child I used to roll my eyes when my parents would tell me that there was no gift they wanted or cherished more than the ones that I made them. Surely, they wanted a new TV, or pretty jewelery. But now I understand exactly where they were coming from. And perhaps once again, I am a cliche, but this time in a very good way.

Happy Holidays!


  1. We still have the papier mâché bird you made on display. We love it!

  2. You can't imagine it before you're a parent, but the excitement in your children's eyes when they give you a gift is the sweetest thing ever. My son and daughter just made us ornaments and they about burst with excitement as we were opening them. I love nice things as much as anyone, but these treasures, as you said, are priceless!

  3. Freaking PRECIOUS! I love this post so hard!

  4. This is really what the Holidays are about! What a sweet post....and a great way to enjoy his art...thru the flicker of candlelight :)

  5. Worth a million dollars - I love that he "made it for the whole family" - precious!

  6. We got a small glass jar of olive oil that Benjy helped press himself, for Chanukah. "It's glass, we have to hold it very carefully." It came with a wick, and we will be lighting it on Tuesday night, the first light of Chanukah. It is the only present I will receive this season, and I can't WAIT!!!