Monday, May 2, 2011

I am the Baby King

I'm on to you little baby. You act all innocent in there, quiet and tucked away, but I've got your number. I'm not stupid you know. I am very much aware of what your big entrance will bring. You're going to want all of the attention. You will use your tiny cry and your cute outfits to solicit every one's affection. You know what you're doing.

But I have a plan little bro. I have been planting the seeds for at least the past month. You see, I can still be a cute little baby myself, I know how to play the part.

For starters, I'm not giving up the diapers. Diaper changing time is quality mommy/daddy time, and I'm going to get my fair share. And you know what? I still need to be carried too. My legs are too small to walk very far, and my feet start to hurt. OWIE, I need uppy!

I can use my baby voice. A sing-songy whine tends to turn heads. If the that doesn't work, I have a sneaking suspicion that I can yell a heck of a lot louder than you can, small fry.

So you might as well enjoy your time inside while you can little dude, in fact you can go ahead and make that your permanent home for all I care. If you think you are going to overthrow me from my spot on the Baby King throne, you better think again. I am the cute little one of this family, and ain't nobody going to forget it!


  1. Hahaha- I'm sure he will love his new baby brother-

  2. He almost looks like a baby Elvis "the King"!

  3. Haha that's too cute. He'll be an amazing big brother I'm sure.

  4. LOVE the upside-down sunglasses :)

    He IS the Baby King!

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  6. I'm chuckling over this one....well done! So true! Be prepared for regression on a whole lot of fronts, mostly involving attention--whether positive OR negative. Cute King!

  7. AH ah!!!
    I am loving reading you!! :)