Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tips for a happy Mother's Day

It's coming....the most wonderful day of the year! Seriously, Mother's Day is just about as good as a birthday, only no thought of candles or wrinkles!

I'm ready for my big day. Children, Spouse, you may start lavishing love, appreciation and gifts upon me.

Sweet family just in case you are not fully prepared for the this spectacular extravaganza of mommy, I have a few handy tips for you.

  1. Yes, mommy loves those macaroni noodle necklaces, and Mother's Day would not be the same with without your handmade treasures. But here is the thing, mommy likes all kinds of presents. Jewelery. Massages. Flowers. An uninterrupted three hour nap. Any of those things would make mama very happy.

  2. Do us all a favor, please skip the big meal cooked up in our kitchen. That breakfast or dinner that you prepare especially for mom. The one where every pot, pan and utensil gets pulled out, used and left in the sink awaiting cleanup by *someone*. There is no shame in take out.

  3. Don't forget to write a heartfelt card explaining just why I am the very best mommy and wife in the whole wide freaking world. It can be a very long note. It can include a gift card. For a massage. See tip #1.

  4. On the occasion of Mother's Day there is a no crying/whining/temper tantrum rule that must be strictly adhered to. Should this rule be broken, mommy will simply leave the room until the situation is resolved by *someone* else. Mama is off referee duty for the day.

  5. We will spend quality family time together, but only between the hours of 9am and 8pm, and with the exception of mommy's three hour nap. (Again see tip #1)

All you have to do to ensure a successful Mother's Day is follow those five easy steps. Remember Father's Day, and birthday season is just around the corner. Best to keep mama happy.


  1. I wish my kids were reading your blog...

    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. I am printing this out and posting this for my family to read and follow.

  3. Ain't nobody happy until mama is happy! P.S. I love the earrings you sent, yes I opened the gift early!

  4. Your posts always make me crack up. Hope you have a great mama's day!

  5. Funny, Rachel! Why does my husband always say this is a "Hallmark" holiday but somehow Father's Day is not? Hmmm.

  6. I could have used this a week ago. On Wednesday I overheard my poor 12 year old daughter - stressed by all her high school homework and worried about the time needed to make me one of her special cards - trying to outsource the card to her seven year old brother. Lovely to hear the "hushed" argument, lovely to hear my son say "and when will I get the money?". Did not know whether to laugh or cry. Both?

  7. Well, we're more than halfway through the day. Hope it's going as planned!