Monday, May 23, 2011

Looking for a mircacle

My hands shook when I went to change his diapers. His mother used the cloth variety along with safety pins. I was probably eleven years old, and he only a few months. I was petrified of sticking his chubby wiggling legs, of causing him to bleed and cry. So the diaper was always loose and droopy and I hoped his mother wouldn't notice.

That baby is now a grown man. The son of one of my mother's dearest friends. He was just in a terrible swimming accident that more than likely left him paralyzed. Unable to move those precious legs or arms again. I haven't seen him for many, many years, and the last time I saw his mother was probably a good 12 years ago, but she is a close family friend and I have kept up with her on Facebook. This woman is a good woman. We are talking really good. She is a school teacher and speaks of her students with such love and pride. She is a spiritual woman, who goes to church and has great faith. She is a true friend, one who was incredibly generous and giving to my family when we went through are own difficulties. I learned of the accident via her Facebook page. She does not deserve this. She deserves to be posting updates of grandchildren and happy times. This is not fair.

We all know that bad things can and do happen to good people. We only have so much control. Perhaps that is why I can't get this off my mind. I sit here preparing for my son's birth, taking my prenatal vitamins, eating my veggies and worrying about all that could possibly go wrong. I take my child's hand as we cross the parking lot and watch his every move on the playground. But I cannot protect my babies forever or from everything. Toddlers get cancer, teenagers get kidnapped, grown children have terrible accidents, and there is nothing we can do about it.

My mother's friend has asked for prayers, because at this point what else can be done? She believes in the power of prayer. I myself am not the praying type, however I said one. I closed my eyes and asked whatever higher power there may be to save this child, to save this mother, to grant a miracle. It's a selfish prayer, because as much as I am saying it for them, I am saying it for myself and for my own family.

I want to believe in happy endings. I want to know that life can be fair. I want to see this family happy once again to know that it is possible....


  1. I'll be keeping them in my thoughts with the most fervent wishes that they have a happy ending :)

  2. It is so difficult to understand such tragedies, more so when the ones involved are such good and generous people- there seems no rhyme or reason does there? I truly hope this family will get some better news from the doctors than what is predicted.

  3. I am definitely praying. Please keep us updated.