Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I don't care about today

Things that I don't care about

Pippa. So she is Kate Middleton's sister. She's pretty. She looked hot in her white dress at the royal wedding. This is why she is gracing the covers of all of celebrity magazines? I don't get it. I don't want to.

My three year is generally dressed in some form of pajamas or completely nude. Forget about the closet full of hand knit sweaters and Gymboree, he ain't going for it, and I don't have the energy to fight about it. Moving on.

My house will never look like a home out of Good Housekeeping. Okay, I sort of care about this, but I am trying really hard not too. Our home is in a perpetual state of disaster, and adding a new baby is not going to improve the situation. Time to let it go.

I'll never be a famous blogger, an SVP, an athlete or an award-winning anything. So be it.

Diet soda is bad for me. Maybe it will contribute to my demise, but it's still healthier than crack.

I can't cook particularly well. I'd rather know how to pick out a good bottle of wine than how to prepare a roast. That's just me.

I don't own matching under-garments. Nice idea, but so unpractical.

That I don't really know what gluten is.

My family drinks 2% milk. Fat shmat, skim is for the birds.

I'm sitting here looking totally ghetto, with my pants falling down, my shirt riding up and my belly hanging out. Hot!!


  1. Nice self portrait. Love the description. Made me laugh. My house is a complete wreck, and I only have one child. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

  2. Love this, made me laugh! Diet soda is totally better than crack, and I absolutely get that those are the two choices. I'm trying really hard to let go on the cleanliness issue, but it's sooooo hard. I get it.

  3. Haha. Love it all. I don't get the Pippa thing either. Is this the best our media can come up with as interesting? It's embarressing. For them and us. Don't own matching undergarments either...

  4. Don't worry, I have a belly. Here's a shot to prove it: I guess none of those billabong photos were at the right angle. My doc did tell me I'm underweight though. I quit breastfeeding last night - hoping that helps as I've pretty much been underweight since Levi was born and nothing seems to help. (Doc seriously prescribed me to eat ice cream and milk shakes - a script I liked!) And, wow, you're pretty good at keeping up. I am 19.5 week. Impressive.

    Now on to more important things like... why does everyone think Pippa's hotter than Kate? Yeah, her dress was awesome and sexy and all, but Kate is waaay prettier. And she's the one with the really cool ring. Duh.

    Your photo is cracking me up. I'm feeling more and more like that as I walk around with my pants unbuttoned most of the time now. I can still see my toes though, so I obviously have a ways to go still...

    I see you're wearing your mama birdie necklace. Love.

  5. Pippa, Noticed that yesterday and totally agree with you. I didn't bother buying my regular gossip mag.

  6. It doesn't get any more real than that! Amen, sister, well said. And that is all I have to say about that. Moving on. Pippa, schmippa. Life is for living and it sounds like you are very busy living. Keep it up! You look wonderful!

  7. Bahahahahah!!!!

    Does anyone own matching undergarments? Probably Kate Middleton's sister.

  8. Love that picture! And there is still time to become a world famous blogger!

  9. Haha-- Where did you learn that diet soda was healthier than crack? That's great news!

  10. 2% milk is better for you than skim--your body needs a wee bit of fat in order to absorb the calcium appropriately, so no worries about that one. No matching undergarments here--I'm still in maternity underwear almost 8 weeks postpartum. And you should switch from diet coke to regular coke--if you are going to have a vice, go for the straight sugar. And it tastes sooooo much better. Good luck in these next few weeks!

  11. This is really funny! I so agree about Pippa! Who cares! I just found your blog through Kristy's blog. We are both having baby number three about a week apart. I am going in on June 10th. Good luck!!