Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My new coworker

I have a new office mate, which is fine by me. I'm a social person, I like a little company. But this guy is a bit quiet for my taste, really he mostly keeps to himself. He is an older gentleman, with red hair. Actually he is surprisingly good looking for his age. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to go over and pat him on the head.

I'm not sure he is all that bright. He doesn't seem to work hard anyway. Often times I catch him nodding off right there at the desk. Odd. I guess he isn't worried about his productivity. I'm not sure why anyone keeps him around, but it doesn't seem as if he is going anywhere, in fact he stays in the office 24/7.

At least he doesn't complain much, or bore me with office gossip. We have all had coworkers who plop themselves down in your office and open up the flood gates, as if you were being paid to be their personal therapist. No, this dude keeps his trap shut.

I think he may be stealing my lunch. Let me rephrase that, I am certain that he is stealing my lunch. Right off my desk. I'll leave my meal sitting just for a moment to run down the hall, and when I return there seems to be a little less, and I swear to God, there he is licking his lips. I kid you not. Does he think I am stupid?

Apparently yes, he does. After all, he has pretty much gotten away with murder......



  1. Hmmm - this carpet looks like a good target!

  2. Another solution for that beast (the cat, not you). Valium!