Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frozen yogurt & bad hair

I'm taking a break from cat and moving drama and having fun with a light-hearted post.

I'm in trouble. Our new neighborhood is home to a lot of high-calorie junk food. All within a five minute walk from my house. Five minutes to frozen yogurt bliss. I'm a sucker for soft serve with cookie dough topping. It's like moving an alcoholic in next door to the liquor store. I think I'll probably hit the shop up every single day, and get the very same thing each time. Chocolate and Cappuccino yogurt topped with cookie dough bits and rainbow sprinkles. Hello Ms. Chubby. The only saving grace is that in order to return home I have to walk up a rather steep hill, so perhaps I'll burn off a small fraction of the calories. That's if I walk. I could always drive. Well heck, I'm eating for two....right? (I know, I know, one of us is very, very small.)

Switching gears back to my hair. Huston we have a problem.

A little too much product and my habit of running my fingers through my growing bangs results in this:

And after my attempt to smooth down the untamed mess it now looks a little, shall we say... greasy:

I'm going to give it another month. One more month. If I don't see vast improvement, if I don't suddenly look like a pregnant brunette Michelle Williams, I'm losing the bangs....


  1. Soft serve is dangerous- I totally think you look exactly like MW!

  2. I saw you the other day in real life... you look way cute! As in SUPER cute!

  3. Cappuccino soft serve sounds delish :)

  4. Man, that would be a tough thing to resist if that place were in my neighborhood. All I have is Subway and Wendy's and I'm pretty immune to those!