Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One word: Mortified. Yes, mortified. The core of my very being, shaken. Why?

My new housekeeper called us "dirty." A shiver down my spine.

Okay, okay, I was never so delusional as to think that my home was pristine. Nobody would ever feature it in a commercial for cleaning products, but I thought that we at least passed for average. But dirty? I feel defeated.

I have often looked around my house and cringed. Hand prints on the windows, sand spilled from tiny shoes on the carpet, a little tomato sauce crusted on the back of a booster seat, but I thought that was normal. I secretly hoped that when I walked into a friend's house and saw a spotless kitchen it was because she spent hours preparing for my visit. Certainly, she was not always this clean. And the houses I see on reality TV shows, they look perfect because they had an entire cleaning crew on site moments before.

But now...I wonder. The woman who is cleaning our home was referred to us by our new landlords, who until only a few months ago lived in this very house. I could tell upon first laying eyes on the home that the owner was a perfectionist. Everything in the home was beautiful from the paint, to the fixtures, each little detail thoughtful and well done. Our landlady also happens to be pretty, fit and blond. Her outfits pulled together effortlessly, her nails manicured. She is incredibly organized. I thought maybe it was all a front. Our housekeeper assured me that it is not. Although she speaks little English, she was able to communicate to me that our house was "very dirty!" and that the owners of the home "were clean." "No toys on the floor. No dirty kitchen. No dirty furniture."

Nope. They kept the house neat and tidy and you could probably eat off the floor. (And yes, they have kids!) These people do in fact exist, and I will never be one of them. Instead...I'm dirty.

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  1. Harsh! She'd probably have my house condemned. I always figure there's a lot more to life than having the house perfectly clean.

  2. Ah, geez! I actually work to pick our rental by what I think of the landlords. Since I have 4 kids I know I do not want a perfectionist landlord! I'd hate to hear what that cleaning lady would say about OUR house! lol

  3. Ha, that's so great that you admit this! I think I'm probably one of those "dirty moms" too. Having little kids is a very good excuse!

    Thanks for following me! I'm your newest follower now too!

  4. Oh, don't fret over that. Having a little dirt here and there just means you are busy living life and enjoying the world out there and not obsessing over specks of dust and smudgy fingerprints. (hey, it was fun making those fingerprints and that's what counts!) Besides, what are the cleaning people cleaning if the house is already perfect???

  5. Our house is never spotless.. I figure that I would rather spend my energy doing stuff rather than cleaning stuff!

  6. Wow, I guess Im dirty too. I agree with other commenters that its more important to enjoy life, enjoy the time with your family, rather than worry if you have some dirt here and there. I have a load of kids I want to spend time with, so I can make sure everything is ringerprint free when they are grown. I'd love to hire a housekeeper to do my bathrooms and kitchen though, oh that would be so nice. :)

    ~Heather @
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  7. Oh no- that was not a nice thing to say!
    Whatever that is what cleaning ladies are for- to clean the dirt. Sheesh.

  8. The babysitter pointed out to me the other day that my window blinds were dusty. As if that implied I should probably dust them.

  9. I'm sorry, but I have more important (read, fun) things to do with my time than worry about looking chic and eating off my floors...haha! I clean furiously (usually the late hours of the night before) right before having guests so I make sure to invite someone over once or twice a month just to have a deadline :)