Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cheers, a cliche

Shout out to the mamas...

To the mamas who never get a lunch break.

To the mamas who never go to happy hour.

To the mamas who never see free donuts in the break room.

To the mamas who never get a bonus.

To the mamas who never get a promotion or an "employee of the month" award.

To the mamas who don't get a shower without small hands grabbing at wet legs from behind the shower curtain.

To the mamas reporting to the gym for thirty minute workout, praying that the daycare center doesn't interrupt and beckon them back to the line of duty.

To the mamas who start the day before 7am but cannot seem to get a cup of coffee down before 9.

To the mamas who feel that their work is never done.

It's a tough job, and someone has to do it.... lucky for all of us... it's you. (and you and you and you.) So cheers to you, strong mamas. Kick back with a cold one, a stiff one, or a sparkly one. But, please just no sippy cups.


  1. Nothing for the dads? This blog is so BIASED!!!

  2. I am a blogger because of you. http://michellesgivingblog.blogspot.com/
    Post #1 talks about you. Thank you.