Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Stop me (or stop reading), if your bored of my sentimental blabbering. I am an emotional, nostalgic mess these days. Today was no exception. I got teary eyed as I was strolling Zack to preschool, felt sad as I pulled away from a coffee date at Shannon's house, and had a near breakdown after selling off pieces of Evan's soon to be defunct nursery.

As we move into our much smaller digs, our boys are in for a little surprise, a shared room. At this point, Zachary has a "big boy" room, complete with a toddler bed, bright colors, and Babar posters. Evan, on the other hand is still my baby boy. His room is in fact almost unchanged from the time we brought his big brother home from the hospital. The nursery has a jungle theme, and showcases animal prints, a giraffe lamp, and a matching toy chest and rug. Now that the boys will be roommates we have to consolidate their belongings, which means bye-bye lions, tigers & cutsie stuff.

I put some of the nursery items up for sale on the Highland's Mommies classifieds. To my surprise, I got immediate response. This evening two women with swollen bellies came to my home to claim my beloved nursery decor for the babies they are expecting. As they walked out of my home carrying their goods, feeling proud of their bargain shopping I had an urge to rush after them and demand my stuff back. It feels like yesterday when I myself was anticipating the arrival of my first born, and I stood with my mother in Babies R Us, planning my baby's room. And now here I am dismantling it.

It wasn't suppose to be this way. Evan was going to stay in his baby nursery until he was at least three, and even then I was going to store the remnants of the jungle room in the attic until I was really ready to part with them, perhaps at their high school graduation. Everything has changed now that we are leaving and moving into a house with basically no storage. And although, Evan is still a baby, I feel that selling off so much of the baby gear signifies an end of an era, an era I am not ready to leave.

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