Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Dog

Today was Mr. Brown Doggies Birthday as designated by his loving owner, Zachary. During quiet time Zack was in his room joyfully singing "happy birthday" to his beloved best friend. When I came upstairs to relieve my son from what is usually considered jail time, he told me that quiet time was not over yet because he was having Mr. Brown Doggies birthday party with his other animal friends, who were scattered across his floor. When asked how old the birthday dog was I was informed that he had just turned four. This is an interesting coincidence, although I find it rather hard to believe given the stuffed animal's pathetic condition. That well loved toy looks like it has been around the block a few times, and celebrated far more than four years. Zack went on to describe the festivities in great detail. The fictitious party had taken place at the "inflatable party place" (AKA: Pump It Up). There was a circus theme and a clown cake. Mr. Brown Doggies friends Finn, Sammy and Garik were there. Presents were opened. Birthday dog got a Spiderman toy.

Ahhh... all this sounds vaguely familiar. Zachary turns four tomorrow. I have made quite a to-do about this. I adore birthdays, and after my own special day, my boys birthdays are the most important events of the year. I jest of course, because somehow Zack and Evan's birthdays have even trumped the anniversary of my birth. (NO WAY!). In any case we have talked for weeks about the upcoming celebration. We have discussed his cake, the party and the importance of the day. As with most mothers the birth of my sons make up the memories I will treasure more than any others. I want to make my baby feel incredibly special. I want him to feel how much he is loved and to know the excitement of a day that is all about him.

Seeing Zack bestow the love to his sad little pet shows me that I have done something right. Children are often like mirrors, reflecting the good and the bad in their parents. Today I saw Zack caring for a friend, albeit stuffed, and anticipating the happy day we will celebrate tomorrow. I think he knows he is cherished. I have done my job.

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