Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Hero

I have a vague memory of being somewhere around preschool age and wanting to go to the playground in my Wonder Woman Underoos. There was no question in my mind, that there was nothing weird or inappropriate about a public display of my superhero-ism. I ran around that park, clad in a wonder woman undershirt, underwear and a red cape-left over from a more innocent little red riding hood Halloween costume.

A couple of days ago, I purchased Zack his very first super-hero costume, on a whim, while on a Target run. In the past several weeks (which have interestingly coincided with the start of preschool), Zack has taken on a sudden obsession with Super Heroes. One day he is Spider Man and the next he is Super Man. He often talks about the Green Lantern, although I have no idea who or what that is. So for a mere $24 dollars I bought a Halloween costume for Zack to be enjoyed a full month early.

Now I know I am the victim of total consumerism, however I must say it has brought great joy to my heart to watch the little guy prancing around in the over sized hero getup. He put the thing on as soon as we got home, and didn't take it off until bedtime, after he was informed that he could not use the outfit as pajamas.

For the next several days he has worn the costume constantly. Yesterday he showed off his his blue and red outfit on a trip to the fancy-pants Cherry Creek Crate & Barrel, where we were headed to purchase a new sofa for our California home. We received smiles and winks from upscale shoppers and sales clerks. Later that day Zack ran around our backyard "flying" with the use of this polyester cape. He asked me "mommy do you know how fast I am?" "How fast?" I answered. "Faster than a skeeting bullet" he informed me. Yes buddy, you certainly are. I didn't correct him, it was too cute.

He has had so much enjoyment from this silly Target impulse buy. It takes him to another world, and provides him with this super-powers. It was the best purchase I have made in a very long time.

Oh how I wish I could be four years old for just a day, and run around with Zack in my underoos, cape flapping in the breeze behind me, not a care in the world, faster than a skeeting bullet.

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