Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There is nothing like feeling organized. For too long I have been sloppy. Stashing whatever was in the way, or messing up my counter space into the 10 million drawers and closets that I currently have. All of that is changing with The Move. Yes, The Move means half of the space, and I need to get creative.

I have spent time trying to recall episodes of the now cancelled, "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", that fab five used to work miracles with tiny Manhattan apartments. Oh, how I wish I could get them out to our new pad to do their magic. I am quite sure they would do some promotional plug for The Container Store, my new most favorite spot. Even Tina Fey has endorsed the organizational palace on "Third Rock", when on a shopping spree in the store she proclaimed she would now be "fabulous" because of her new sense of organization. I have had that very same rush each time I have set foot in the plastic wonderland.

I am now the proud owner of seven under the bed organizers, housing everything from sheets to sweaters to shoes. I also now have an on-the-wall spice rack, although it only holds about 1/3 of our current spice collection. (Who needs tasty food anyways?). I purchased a make-shift jewelry box- a cheap plastic container with many small colored boxes to keep my ridiculous collection of earrings in. (A girl with hair as short as mine needs LOTS of glittery jewels to add a touch of femininity to her look).

I invision many more trips to the store of all stores, in an attempt to make our new much, much smaller space enjoyable.

AHH yes, there was a time when I would deposit my paycheck directly to Banana Republic or Express, but these days it is all about practicality. It is all about The Container Store.

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