Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kargas Inc. CEO Crazy

Appearences can be deceiving. Employees report that this normal looking CEO is insane.
Kargas Inc. CEO, Rachel Kargas Speaks Out Against Rumors That She Is Going Crazy

Denver, CO

For the past month rumors have been circulating about Kargas Inc, CEO 38 year old, Rachel Kargas.  Whispers that she "just isn't right" or that she is losing her competitive edge have been buzzing ever since the company expanded in May of 2011.    Even close friends have voiced concern that the middle-aged executive is cracking under the pressure of running her up and coming organization.

Kargas Inc relocated earlier this summer to Denver, Colorado. The move while likely beneficial for the young company has presented challenges. Employees have struggled to adjust to the new location and analysts speculate that this low employee satisfaction which has lead to insubordination, protests and even strikes has impacted Ms. Kargas's mental health.

Staff have accused their CEO of being unusually short of patience and "mean." One employee who wishes to remain anonymous reported that Kargas has gone to outrageous measures, going as far as to deny staff dessert for as long as two days. The anonymous reporter also indicated that Ms. Kargas has gone "super-duper bad" doling out inappropriate punishments such as removing television and Ipad privileges and sending employees into isolation for as long as fifteen minutes.  Additionally, insiders close to the CEO have said that she has appeared to be unusually exhausted, forgetful and drawn to trashy television such as VH1'S "Couple's Therapy."

When Ms. Kargas was contacted for comment she simply responded in this crazed frenzy: "Who told you that?! It was Evan wasn't it? That's it. No SpongeBob for a month!"

Sadly, this comment is a clear indication of Kargas's lose grip on reality. There is growing speculation that staff will try to vote Kargas out in the coming weeks.

We will bring you more updates as information becomes available.


  1. no, no. it's always the children that are insane, not the mom. trust me.

  2. Thanks for the laugh, Rachel. Hang in there - it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

  3. Oh, just wait another month. Summer is going to kill us all!

  4. They called her "Mean"???? Oh, that's really low......