Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here is what is happening....

Highlights from the past several days:

Me & My sweet bean
My five year old son has been possessed. Seriously possessed. Evil forces have taken over and I no longer recognize my child. After years of no "accidents" Evan has successfully wet his pants twice at day camp. He fights with his brother constantly. He turns absolutely the most mundane things into a serious conflict. If I tell him to wear his camp shirt, I am called a "very bad person" if I ask him if he would like to read a book he tells me that he "hates books" if I serve him sloppy joes for dinner it's "the worst food ever." I simply cannot win. Is it the move? The change in routine? Exhaustion from an active camp experience? You tell me. And while you are at it point me in the direction of a good exorcist.

A lot of people have been ticking me off lately. From our landlords who tried to screw us out of nearly $2500 worth of a security deposit over the most ridiculous things, to the doctor at Urgent Care who ordered me a (unnecessary) pregnancy test at the top of lungs in close proximity to other patients, to my doctor who gave me a "back to running" plan which over the course of several weeks will get me to the point of jogging 30 minutes straight. I don't have time for that garbage. Seriously. I think I could run six miles tomorrow.

I did get my cast off. Bye-bye florescent pink cast from hell. It was removed yesterday and thus far my ankle feels great. I got on the elliptical today and plugged away for an excruciatingly boring 40 minutes, but damn it felt good to sweat. I got off that stupid machine and looked at myself in one of the mirrors (which 24 hour fitness graciously supplies everywhere so that gym rats can check themselves out constantly) and I saw my red face. I couldn't have been happier. I have missed that sweaty, worn out feeling. I want to see that red face every freaking day.

I think my eldest son has a higher IQ than I do. For real. He is speed reading through the Harry Potter books like nobody's business. Meanwhile I have managed to read a pathetic four chapters of my novel for book club over the past 3 weeks. The kid does math in his head while I am counting on my fingers. Before you know it I'm going to have a son that is not only taller than me, but can also do my taxes. Sheesh.

I am 100% in love with my "baby." Julian is at an absolutely adorable stage. He is constantly hugging me and saying "I wuv you too mommy." Yup. Heart melting. No, this time won't last long. 

So that's what's happening folks...until next time...
Yes I am posting a picture of my sweaty face, I hope to see a lot more of it!


  1. After we moved into our new place in December, my son, my middle child, refused to turn in his homework. It didn't matter how we handled it, it was a battle every single night, and when he did do it, he didn't hand it in to his teacher. Kids deal with things differently. He may just be pissed that things have changed. In the meantime, get yourself a garland of garlic and some Holy Water! LOL

  2. Hmmm...middle child issues. Maybe he just is going through that stage {or rest of his life} where he wants to be the center of attention? I speak as an experienced middle child myself. :) Anyway, congrats on getting the cast off and getting to work out again!!!! Sweating is awesome, I agree! :D

  3. sounds like a lot going on! Hope you are running like the wind again. And sorry about your crazy kiddo... I know how that can be ;)