Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Review: Friends, Running, Whining & Wine-ing

Weekend Review: Friends, Running, Whining & Wine-ing

Look at that tiny little beer! So cute!

Ahh, a three day weekend. At one time in my life that would have been something to look forward to, now a national holiday just means that I don't get to drop the rug-rats off at school. (I say that in the most loving way possible, really I do.) These days we are dealing with a lot of sibling drama, and finding activities that the whole family will enjoy is a struggle. I find us splitting up more and more as we try and meet the needs of three very different kiddos.

We did manage to have a bit of fun however.

No, that is not wine, it's fancy-pants beer!
There was some grown up time with friends. Saturday evening we went out with one of my favorite couples (you know who you are!) for drinks and dinner in the city. Gosh I love San Fran. (Gosh I should have lived there when I was 25 and could actually enjoy all that it had to offer!) The husband and I started our evening at a fancy-pants beer joint, where they have special glasses for special beers. The husband got a ridiculously high-alcohol concoction, whereas, I got a fruity pear cider served in a wine glass. I even had a itty-bitty beer sampler (see photo.) Dinner was at The Range and was lovely, but more than ever it was so good to be with friends, although I find it bittersweet since they will be moving away this summer. All the best people leave, darn it! Do I have friend repellent or something? 

Me & the lovely Mindy. Don't move!!

Julian, before he insisted on walking

I also had an afternoon with one of my favorite bay-area buddies, Ms. Hannah. We had manis and pedis (Valentines Day gifts from our husbands) and then gabbed over a wine tasting at Solano Cellars. We had some serious girl talk, which I so desperately needed. I think I probably chatted her sweet little head off. Having so much "friend time" over the weekend reminded me just how important those people are in my life. I have always put the highest value on relationships, without my friends I start to feel very lonely. It hasn't been easy in the bay area. It took a great deal of initial effort  just to meet people, and San Francisco has a transient culture, so many of my new friends are now far away. People may marvel at the amount of time I spend on Facebook, but sadly that is the one constant in my social life. So dear friends, many of whom I have not seen in too many months or years, know that I remember you, that I think of you, that I am thankful for each and everyone of you.

Evan, before the whining
We also had some nice family moments. I took the boys to a Berkeley playground we used to frequent when we first moved to the area. It brought a flood of memories.  As I stood watching Zack and Evan zoom down the cement slide of death, I was overcome with nostalgia.Our first visits to this park were with a four year old who would only slide down wrapped in the safety of mommy or daddy's arms and a toddler who would busy himself in the sandbox and ask for pushes in the baby swing. Three years have brought such mind-blowing change.
My lovely family

On President's day we took a  hike in the Oakland hills. For the most part it was lovely, I do believe we are raising some solid hikers, well at least two...Evan is quiet the whiner. About 1.5 miles in he turns into a whiny little monster. "How much further?" "How much further now?" "Can't we get the car?" Oye.. Julian on the other hand insists on walking, which creates a bit of a problem, since at his pace we would complete a three mile stroll in just under a week.

And finally.... (drum roll please!) I accomplished my goal of NINE miles on Sunday! Seriously, that is a lot of running. It was hard, and it left me tired for the remainder of the day, but I was so darn proud of myself it was worth it. I can't imagine how good I will feel if I actually complete that half-marathon!

So a happy weekend. And ladies and gentleman I am one week away from VACATION to Belize! Sans Kids!

Life is good.


  1. You sure packed a lot into that weekend! That pear cider sure sounds good right about now :)

    ...and Belize?! Holy smokes! You enjoy the crap out of that trip!

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