Sunday, February 10, 2013

Killing It

Feeling pleased after 8
I ran another eight miles today. EIGHT FREAKING MILES! I was feeling super proud of myself, until I checked out my Facebook news-feed and saw my friend's posts of far greater accomplishments. I have some pretty athletic friends, and their seventeen & TWENTY mile runs put me to shame!

But all the same, eight miles is a good run for me, I finished flushed, proud and, exhausted. The problem?  I'm running too damn fast.  Who on earth would have expected that? My pace averages around 8 minutes 50 seconds. I'm really pleased with it, but if I am going to finish thirteen, I am going to have to slow down, because I am just too worn out. My eighth mile was exhausting. My legs started to feel tight and all I could think about was quitting. I wanted to stop. The idea of pushing for another five miles felt no less than.... insane!

It's hard for me to slow down. I have discovered that (surprise!) I am very competitive and goal oriented.  I run with a Nike app. on my phone which constantly barks my pace at me, and I hate to hear it slipping. But I have to let this go, right?

So this weeks plan, at least two shorter runs during the week, and then 9 miles on Sunday. A slower nine miles. Because my goal? My goal is a half marathon in March. And I am going to kill it.

Running friends, any tips and advice you have for me on training would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. DUDE - 8 miles is incredible - my longest run is 10K which is about 6.3, and it's taken me SIX MONTHS to build up to this, running 3 days/week. Every week, rain, shine, snow.
    I also have to catch myself on speed - I'm running about a 9 minute mile, and if I want to go longer distances, I can't go faster than that. I actually have to consciously say to myself "slow down - you're in this for the long haul" especially when I'm doing what my friend Debi calls "a penance run" which basically means that Im processing thoughts big time. I tend to run faster when I'm running to try and figure out solutions.
    Anyway, good going!!

  2. That is so awesome, Rachel! My best advice is to slow it down on your long run. You really don't want to end up hurt again. You want to finish this half in March and feel good about how you did it. Yes, you have to let go of the pace slipping. Try running your 9 next week at a 9:30-10 pace. See how that feels. Are you using anything to fuel your longer runs? Are you keeping hydrated? These might be important during the half. I am so excited to follow your progress!

  3. you are amazing@ I ran 1/2 miles the other day and was wiped out. Ha!