Tuesday, February 5, 2013

People I Want To Punch In The Face & Wine

It has been a while (far too long in fact) since I have written a People I Want To Punch In The Face post, so here we go.

The Walgreen's employee who suggested that I get my 14 year old cat acupuncture. I don't even think I need to elaborate, however I will add that she also tried to suggest lip gloss colors for me. If you had seen her taste in action you would understand why I did not take her advice.

The woman who was working out next to me in "Body Sculpt" the other day. She moaned and grunted while lifting three pound weights. Three pounds. Lady, if doing a few chest presses with three pound weights is causing that much exertion, I suggest a trip to the ER immediately. Our drama queen "weight lifter" also decided that it was appropriate for her to sing along to Katy Perry in between sets. No, she was not on key.

My Words With Friends genius pals. You know who you are. MOM. SAM.  I cannot beat you for the life of me. I have to assume that you have been studying some sort of Scrabble dictionary for years. No, it isn't really fun when you are beating me by 200 points. Each and every time.

The spambot who is littering one  blog post with multiple "comments" everyday. You are driving me nuts. GO AWAY. 

People with cute cuddly babies, because you make make me wish that I still had a cute cuddly baby. Okay. I don't really want to punch you in the face, but I am a wee-bit jealous.  (No not jealous enough to actually have another one!)

But why end on a sour note? I'll finish up with People I Want To Raise My Glass & Toast: 

My husband for getting me tickets and backstage passes to this week's FUN concert. I get to see my boyfriend Nate again, and this time I am sure he is going to whisk me away to a life of fame and fortune!

Myself, for running eight miles last Saturday. Eight miles! That matches my longest run ever. It wasn't even that hard. Onward to the half marathon! More on that later.

Anyone ! Because I just want another glass of wine. Duh.


  1. I love these punching posts. You are the best.

  2. I also love the punching post. Can I add my two latest employees to that list? The one that promised me last week she could handle the work and then quit this morning (only after I promoted her to my two best clients) and in addition, the one who graduated Suma Cum Laude from Johns Hopkins but cannot run an expense report to save her life. PUNCH.

  3. Ha! Had to quit playing WWF with my mom because she was a sore winner.