Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This may be my most unpopular post...ever

Warning: What I am about to say may anger some of you. It may cause you to consider sending hate mail. While I realize that my sentiments are wildly unpopular, I simply cannot hold it in anymore. Brace yourself.

I do not like Girl Scout Cookies. At all. I do not understand our country's obsession with the mass produced "treats." Perhaps you are now thinking of unfollowing this blog. Go ahead if you must, but hear me out first. Below you will find my top three arguments for why Girl Scout Cookies suck.

Reason Number One:

They don't taste very good. Honestly I don't see how Girl Scout cookies taste any different than other store bought cookies, yet people go insane for them. I have friends who ordinarily would turn their noses up at Chip's Ahoy or Oreo cookies, yet they act like their box of Thin Mints was whipped up by a celebrity chef in an exclusive bakery. Seriously? I would take one of my own homemade chocolate chip cookies over any variety of the Scout's, and I'm not a particularly good baker.

Reason Number Two:

In an era where we are facing a childhood obesity epidemic, why on earth are we asking our children to sell large quantities of junk food? The point is to sell as many boxes of empty calorie cookies as possible, thus girls are begging parents to stock their own kitchens with a dozen plus boxes in order to reach a goal and collect a badge. Why not have the Scouts do a walk or a run like every other fundraising organization? At the very least they could sell garden seeds, or raisins or some sort of healthy snack.

Reason Number Three:

Girl Scouts don't sell cookies anymore, their parents do, and they do it by pressuring you-often at the office. First you get the email. Then the order sheet makes the rounds, and then it is finally posted prominently in the lunch room. Out of guilt you order two boxes from the Accounting Manager's daughter. Then on Friday the department Vice President sends around his daughter's order form. What are you suppose to do? You order two more boxes of course, because Thin Mints are sooo good with freezer burn. Wrong!!! It's all so wrong.

That concludes my least popular post to date.

(And no, I did not order a single box this year!)


  1. David bought three from a neighbor. I ate a Thin Mint today. Meh

  2. I have rebuttals for all your points...

    1) Until Samoas are mass-produced, I have to rely on the Girl Scouts to provide me with coconut, caramel, & chocolate goodness. And I love them- nothing on the market is similar, though if you find anything, please let me know.

    2) I think the cookie selling is rooted in tradition. I haven't been around the Girl Scouts in years, but even when I was Brownie, it was all about healthy lifestyle (with the exception of the cookie selling), physically and mentally... though, I do realize that they labeled me as a "brownie".... ha. Irony.

    3) I make it public that I will only buy three boxes per year. I buy one box from each girl scout until I've ordered three, then I politely decline any after that. It's a strategy that is almost as unpopular as your post, but it works for me!

    Now send those girl scouts my way because I haven't seen a single order form or box yet!! :)

  3. Aaaaah I love Tagalongs {or whatever they're called now}!!!!! I can eat a whole box. Wait...I am starting to see your point...darn those girl scout cookies! :)

  4. I have bought 1 box. Just 1. I am currently on a...we'll say... hiatus...ahem...from my healthy eating plan....and could easily eat a whole box of anything in one sitting...scout made or not. So, when I'm good, my willpower keeps me from them. When I'm bad, it's my pocketbook! Those scout cookies are too expensive for just wanting a sugar binge...
    I had my thin mints....it wasn't 4 dollar good...

  5. I'm OK with it as a fund raiser, but I pretty much agree with everything you said. They really are pretty crappy cookies all in all, and definitely over priced - though that's understandable, since they need a good profit margin to be a fund raiser. However, I'm pretty sure they're partially filled with crack, because they are really hard to stop eating. That's why I hate putting them in my mouth, I just want to eat 5 more, even though I'm not enjoying it as much as I should.

  6. Your views are totally justified. The main problem I have with them is they are so darn expensive. You can get all the same cookies at Walmart for half the price, but I know it's a fundraiser so inevitably we get suckered into buying a few boxes every year.

    I too would take homemade any day for sure!

  7. I hear you, I would definitely take homemade over GS any day!!

  8. Curse you Girl Scout Cookies! I completely, absolutely agree with you 110%, but I can't seem to stop buying them. I'm not going to even admit to you how many boxes I bought this year...but it was from my niece so that makes it OK, right?

  9. I will admit I love Thin Mints but I have politely declined the 4-5 little girls that jump to ask me to buy them on my way in and out of the grocery store!

  10. Fund raisers here are about the public schools and are just brand chocolate in fundraising form. A few years ago the fund raising hit tipping point -all this chocolate in the homes was sending a bad message - and it's not done so much anymore, Haven't seen a box for ages...

  11. I agree 100% with this post. I remember the days when GS cookies at least tasted good. They now are really awful and ridiculously overpriced. I bought a box of Trefoils this year = inedible. I hoped they might resemble the fabulous Walker's Shortbread cookies in even the tiniest way. TERRIBLE. Thin Mints? Even they taste artificial.

    Never, never, never again