Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And The Winner Is

And the winner is....

The laundry
The baby who wants to nurse at 4:30 am, I can't fight you anymore.
The cat. Please, go right ahead and vomit all over my entire house. I surrender.
The sock monster. Nobody has matching socks in this house. Big freaking deal.
Gravity. No. I am never wearing a bikini again. Ever.
The random crap my kids receive in birthday party "goody bags" feel free to take over. Pile high.
Time. There will never be enough of you. You are running too fast and I can't keep up.
Bravo/Facebook. You may suck away all of my time. I am helpless in your presence.
Cheeze-It's. I can't help myself.


Liz-The winner of the $25 Macy's Gift Card! Congratulations! Please email me your address, so I can send the card in the mail.


  1. What?????? Your own MOTHER didn't win????????? I never win your give aways. I'm quitting your blog. So there.


  2. Clever way to preach the truth....haha! Congrats to Liz :)

    ...and I'm here instead of doing things I "should" be doing, too...

  3. Oh the defeated mother. We all know that one so well....for me its the dust. My daughter is super allergic to dust mites and I need to be diligent but it defeats me day after day after day..... (ie it keeps coming back. Have you noticed that?)

  4. Thanks Rachel, great news to come home to from our sunny vaca/family trip to FLA. Hope you enjoy yours! I'll email you my address. I'll need the GC to go buy some bronzer to keep my tan going until summer.