Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Update

I have become a very bad, or at least infrequent blogger. Truth be told I miss it, however I don't seem to have the time or energy for creative posts. By the time we get the boys to bed each night I can barely muster up a weak "Get back into bed!" let alone write more than a Facebook status update.

Life is busy, one task after another, an endless cycle of meals, cleaning, diaper changing, paperwork, shopping, nursing, nursing, nursing! It is not without joy, however it is exhausting and there are times that I just want to get off the ride. There are times when I want to be left alone without anyone needing or wanting something from me. Sometimes I get an hour of time like that before bed, and rather than blog, I usually end up sitting and staring blankly at reality TV. What can I say?

I did want to do a brief update, there has been much going on. Last weekend my dear friend Shannon visited from Colorado. We spent three days eating, drinking, consignment shopping and chatting. It left me feeling a mix of refreshed and well....bloated. It was an awesome weekend and I feel so lucky to have such an amazing friend!

On Monday we entered the world of Oakland Public Schools when Zack became an official kindergartner. Zachary was very excited for his first day of school, no tears were shed, and he came home that day with his first ever homework assignment. So far Zachary seems to be enjoying his new school and his classmates. I remain skeptical of the school, it seems highly unorganized and the communication has been spotty at best. I am guessing that this will be the first of many gripes that I have with our public schools, but unless something changes dramatically with our financial situation, we won't be sending the boys to private school, so we will have to make the best of it.

Ju-Ju Bean changes daily. He has been smiling and alert, but for the past few days he has been trying on his lungs for size. A lot of crying. A lot. In fact... I hear him now.


  1. So great you got time off with a girlfriend - so rejuvenating hey? Thank god for girlfriends!
    I so know that staring blankly at the television feeling. The other night I found myself watching an Australian gem - 'Farmer Wants A Wife' (slash farmhand/house maid)- was totally crass as well as banal but I had no power to change the channel....

  2. I find that I have to zone out to the tv every night. It is my only me time!