Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Off the deep end

I'm on the edge. This has been a difficult week, one that has left me zapped of all energy, sitting on the sofa listless while the boys eat Micky Mouse chicken nuggets and frozen edamame. Only the best for my kids.

If things were different I would have posted something witty about the rained out 6th birthday party we threw for Zachary on Sunday. I would have had pictures. But I'm worn out, and the battery is dead on the camera, and I can't locate the charger, because my house is in total chaos and I am completely unorganized.

No nothing tragic has happened. It's just the stuff of life, and it has worn me down. I feel ready to throw in the towel, wave the white flag, but really what does that mean? There is no coast guard to rescue the sinking ship of Mommyland.

Zack turned six on Sunday. We had a party with twenty kids and parents. It was the only day in months that it rained, turning the park party impossible. We moved it home. The bounce house was three hours late. Hot dogs were made, cake was eaten, and the kids had a blast, but I was exhausted. The house was turned upside down, and I was up until 10pm cleaning up on a Sunday night.

Monday and Tuesday took an unexpected turn when we had to get Zachary's infected tooth pulled. Monday I had to go to two different dentist offices with three crabby kids. In and out of the car, sitting in the waiting room, trying to calm a frightened six year old's fears, appease a wild three year old while nursing a squirmy four month old. Tuesday we spent the entire morning at the dentist. Zachary had to be sedated for the procedure and his biggest concern was the fact that he had to skip breakfast. When we left the office at noon, he was in tears. "You mean we missed breakfast?" he wailed. Even a chocolate milkshake could not comfort him. Meanwhile, I was feeling pretty bummed out about the unexpected $450 price tag, and that is with dental insurance. Yay.

Today we officially evicted the fleas. Flea Busters arrived bright and early, turned our house upside down and left a yucky white powder all over the house. I am told we should see results... in six weeks. SIX WEEKS people. I already look like I have the chicken pox for Pete's sakes! I don't have six weeks. $500 later, we sit and wait for results.

And while all of this is going on, I am sick. I haven't slept for three nights, due to a sore throat and a fever. Sadly, Ju-Ju Bean is now running a low grade fever as well.

It just keeps getting better.

Pray for me folks. I just might go over the deep end.


  1. Oh man. I am thinking about you..... and sending some happy thoughts!

  2. Gross and gross. I feel for you and am SOO with you! Look at it this way - the kids around here are off 3 days for Rosh Hashanah, and then TWO WEEKS for Succot. Right before we move. I wanna sell them to the gypsies. Anybody buying?

  3. It's all going to turn out great. It will. For real :)

  4. Dear freaking lord! Do you want me to come get you?