Sunday, July 31, 2011

That's how he rolls...

There are a lot of food allergies among the preschool set these days, and we are not just talking about peanut butter anymore. Cashews. Strawberries. Fish. Gluten. I think Zack is feeling a little left out, being able to eat anything at all. He has asked me on several occasions what he is allergic to. At first I thought this was out of concern, but I am starting to think that he just wants to fit in.

Yesterday over lunch at a hamburger joint Zachary declared that he was going to follow his friend Joshua's gluten free diet, and he removed the bun from his burger (which by the way he doesn't like anyways.) "I'm not going to eat this yucky old bun! It has gluten" he said emphatically. "But Zack" I responded, "you don't have a gluten allergy." He looked at me as if to say hello, it's 2011, I must be allergic something! Zack informed us that he was going gluten free anyway.

Later that afternoon we arrived at a birthday party and Zachary immediately inquired with the hostess about gluten free snacks. My friend kindly steered him past the goldfish crackers and the pretzels to a fresh vegetable platter. Zack skipped the snacks and went to play. He didn't seem to notice that his pepperoni pizza was chock full of gluten, and I didn't have the heart to tell him.

Then came cake time. The cake looked damn good. Layers of white cake with thick chocolate frosting between. Zack was handed his piece. I leaned down and whispered in his ear. "You know, birthday cake has gluten in it." Zack paused for a moment, picked up his fork and said, "Well mom, a little gluten won't hurt."

So that's how he rolls...


  1. Maybe explain what gluten is. Who knows what he is thinking!

  2. I can't believe what all kids are allergic to these days. I don't know if the factories aren't clean enough or if we put too much chemicals in everything.

  3. Can't blame the man for wanting to fit in! Maya also asks me all the time what she's allergic to, since we had to do an elimination diet for several months for Benjy, + she knows I'm allergic to mushrooms and dairy makes me sick. She is baffled that she can eat whatever she wants - it seems unnatural to her, give the current state of affairs.

  4. My kids just happen to be "allergic" to vegetables, milk, and anything I make that they don't want to eat. And these allergies change daily. Luckily none of them have had any actual allergies except my youngest who happens to break out in hives if he eats citrus. I dare anyone to keep him away from citrus - he loves it. Go figure.

  5. So funny....and what a pragmatic child! ;)

  6. There was a time when I really, really wanted head gear and braces.... I'm so glad to see he's not allergic to birthday cake! lol!!