Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take the gift

Sometimes people are really awesome. A few posts ago I wrote about how nobody at the preschool signed up for our post-baby meal train. As it turns out folks were just slow to get on board, and we have in fact had some very, very lovely meals prepared for us. We have had Thai pasta salad, lasagna, brownies, soup, pesto, pizza and even wine delivered to my son's cubby at school. The food, prepared with such kindness has been touching. I have had one friend, who at eight months pregnant has brought food to us twice with a smile on her face, and another who has signed up for three meals.

It's overwhelming and honestly hard to accept at times. I told one of my friends that she was doing too much, yet she shrugged her shoulders and told me flat out to "take the gift."

Take the gift. It can be difficult sometimes. We are trained to do it all on our own and never to ask for help. But giving and receiving feels good. In all honesty at this moment I need all of the help that I can get, and the show of generosity and warmth has been just what the doctor ordered. I am so thankful for the kindness we have received. It is also true that it is good to allow others to give, it feels good for them too.

Win win right? All I know is that I am so full of pesto pasta and Zinfandel that I have to say goodnight.


  1. Re: Meals - Please tell Dave to check his facebook messages - I sent him something WEEKS ago and have not heard back!

  2. I'm so glad you are getting extra help - I don't doubt you need it right now. Other cultures are much better at this than we are and I agree it is win-win!

  3. My sister always says that "gracious receiving is a another kind of gift."

  4. how wonderful! i feel like i got cheated, no one ever brought us any meals. can i sign up now? i have 3 kids so... that should be like a months worth of meals, right?