Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This child is hungry.

The other one won't stop throwing his food.

The baby just cries.

This child wants to "super jump" into the pool.

The other one is cold.

This child lost his neon orange Hot Wheel car.

The other one won't wear his shoes.

This child spilled his apple juice.

The other one peed his pants.

The baby just cries.

This one says he hates me.

The other one must be carried everywhere he goes.

This one likes the playground.

The other one is bored.

The baby just cries.

This MAMA went a little crazy on "vacation,"

and now she needs a break!


  1. oh yes, that's so how it goes. Extremes, yes? perfect capsulation of the differences of our kids, huh? Must be kept for future reference and embarrassment because trust me, you WILL forget!

  2. Scene: Mt. Rainier national park, 1993. This one wants to hike five miles , that one wants to go to a mall. Sound familiar?

  3. OMG... i hear that soooo clearly. My 'vacation' will be flying to Oregon to run in a 200 mile relay. Sitting in a van for 30+ hrs w/ 6 other stinky, sweaty people... but NO ONE will be sucking off my tit or screaming at me and I won't have to wipe anyone's ass but my own. YES! *fist-pump*

  4. I soooo hear you! I've got one pisher of pants, one complainer about heat/walking/everything else, and one crier. All the time.