Thursday, July 21, 2011


I had wanted to write this post earlier in the week, however as previously mentioned, blogging has become low priority.

My mom left last Sunday. She was here for 2.5 weeks to help with the kids. It was a wonderful visit, at least I thought so. Evan on the other hand was down right mean to her, and Zachary was just oblivious. I know it hurt her feelings. I can't blame her. My mother was lovely towards the boys. She brought tons of gifts and lavished them with attention, yet their response was less than optimal.

Evan: Go away Nana! I don't like you!

Zachary: (after Nana says "I love you") a half-hearted, eye rolled, under-the-breath-muttered "Thanks"

Ahh well. I mentioned I enjoyed the visit. While my mom was here we shopped, lunched, laughed and drank wine together. It was fantastic. To have someone who wanted to spend so much time with me doing just what I wanted, was a gift.

Of course mom was also wonderful with Julian. She held him while I showered, napped or cleaned. Julian responded well to her attention, and he was relatively peaceful.

Now she is gone, resuming her life in Wisconsin. I miss her terribly, and so does Julian. He is left to cry in his bouncy chair far more often these days.

I curse the miles between us. I wish my mom and I lived closer. I wish I could see her every week.

That isn't the current scenario, so for now I look forward to her next visit and cherish the memories of our last.


  1. Aren't mums great? My boy can be similarly rude to his grandparents. It is so mortifying, especially when they idolise him. Children are lucky they are so cute to look at otherwise they would never get away with so much :)

  2. Oh good! I see you received the $25,000 check I sent! Rachel, you are a fantastic wife, mother , daughter and friend! I am the very lucky one. Ok, not so much luck as excellent parenting!

  3. I miss my mom all the time, too. That's why, now that we live 2.5 hours away, I am spending as much time as possible with her and my dad. We'll be moving away again in March, so I know what I have right now and I don't want to waste it!

    That's so great that she could come visit, and I'm glad you had fun!