Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I have to say tonight

Update on me (because you are dying to know.):

  • We are moving at the end of the month and I have done....nothing to prepare. Nothing. Zero. And you know what? I just can't bring myself to care. I think I have successfully internalized my new year's resolution-the goal is to simply make it through 2011. Survive. Let the movers come. Let them pack all of the chaos and move it to the new house. Let the new house be chaos too. As long as nobody is emotionally or physically ruined for life. So there.
  • I got my hair highlighted last Friday. Not drastic, but lightened. You know what? Not a soul has noticed. You know why? I have become a hermit. Basically aside from early morning preschool drop offs and a few weekend excursions with the family, I haven't left the house. I have been sick, yes, but this has gone too far. I am a social being, and I have become a loner. That is not who I am.
  • I am overwhelmed by the preschool enrollment process. Because we are moving to Oakland we need to find a new school for Evan this fall. Of course the process started last month, and we have already missed the deadlines at some of the best places. Now we have to hurry up and do the tours, submit the paperwork and... pray. One of the schools actually indicated on their website that there would be a parent and child "interview"before making an enrollment decision. Interview my 2.5 year old? I can tell you his answers in advance, and they are unlikely to impress- "To infinity and beyond!" "Dinaco's all mine!" or my personal favorite, "I pooped in my diaper!" Maybe I am going to have to consider homeschooling after all.
  • I got so desperate for something to watch tonight that I actually watched Jersey Shore. It is that bad. Never, never again.
That's all she wrote...goodnight.


  1. Hang in there! One. Day. At. A. Time......

  2. If the movers are packing you and moving you, I wouldn't do a thing either. If not, get off that chair immediately!

  3. your first point is so me. not much motivation around here. happy to hear it is normal!

    the sleepy time gal

  4. I am completely with you on the preschool madness. But just fyi, there's a preschool fair in Oakland on Jan 22nd if you're interested.