Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The chaos is coming. The move happens on Thursday. THURSDAY. Holy cow, I am not looking forward to it. Boxes. Packaging papers. Where is that can opener? Of course children add a whole new special element to moving. They must adjust. The new bedroom will frighten them and thus, we will all lose sleep. They have needs. "I'm hungry!" "I'm bored!" Can't you see that mommy is busy trying to figure out how to fit table service for 12 in one tiny cabinet?

I just have to get through it. Breath. Everything will be just fine. If only, if only I had my best friend wine to get me through it, but alas.

Needless to say, you may hear very little from me over the next week. Rather than spend my endless (har, har) free time pounding away at the keyboard I will be unpacking, arranging, organizing and pulling my hair out.

That's all I have to say tonight. Please wish me luck, send me good thoughts, and have a glass of wine for me.


  1. Good luck- I think a half glass of wine will keep you less stressed and be good for the baby- just saying-

  2. Well, at least pulling your hair out will change the hairstyle debate! errr (har-har) :)
    Good luck!! Can't wait to pay you a housewarming visit. But table service for 12? Really? You go girl.

  3. Good luck! I am terrified of moving with children. That's why we've been in the same tiny place since Maya was like a year old. We did renovations while pregnant with Eli ( NIGHTMARE! ) but I'm just terrified of moving. I wish you the best of luck and am confident you can get through it! One glass of wine won't kill anybody!!

  4. Wish I was there to help, but my current health situation (ear infection!) wouldn't allow me to be of much assistance. You can do it, Rachel!