Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick Story

This morning I dropped the boys off at preschool. It is usually a pretty uneventful affair. They both like going to school and have no separation anxiety....what-so-ever.

Today Zack took it to a new level. We arrived to the "Rainbow Room" where before care takes place. It's usually the same few early bird cast of characters including the Dynamic Duo-a mom and four year old daughter who just seem to love each other so much!! The have a routine. After mommy gets her little angle settled in they give each other three kisses, a nose nuzzle and then mommy gets a "push" out the door. Ahhh.... melt your heart.

Well today right in front of this mother-daughter fantasy Zack was at his finest. I leaned over to give Zack a kiss on the head, and he looked me straight in the eye and said: "I hope you have a very bad day mommy." Huh? You want a bad day bud? I'll give you a bad day! How about fish and brussel sprouts for dinner? How about we skip the 15 pages of Where The Sidewalk Ends and read People Magazine before bed? But no, I bit my tongue, finished my kiss, wished the boys a happy day and went on my way, avoiding all eye contact with supermom. I left knowing deep in my heart that Zack didn't really mean it....right? He adores me.....right? Right?


  1. Bad as in good, right? Like, you are a bad-ass mom, right? Can't decide if that is worse that LittleBug saying one day, "I cried for you inside, mom."

  2. My son went through a stage like this. I simply reminded him it wasn't nice to say things like that to people. I think it might be a separation thing. Like to be closer to dad, I have to push away from mom sort of thing. Just a guess.

  3. God, what a classic - your boys are hysterical and you are going to be so glad one day you recorded these gems. My six year old has gone off me in the last few months and totally favours his dad. I am trying really hard not to take it personally....(I think the last comment above me is oneto something.
    By the way - thankyou so much for your last lovely comment on my blog. X. :)

  4. Ha Ha! I used to get--"ew, mom, your breath stinks!" Love you too son, have a super day! Ugh!

  5. That is too funny! Adriel from Mommyhood memos referred me to your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more :)

    Hope you'll stop by mine when you get a chance-