Sunday, January 23, 2011

I need you.

Hello my quiet readers. I need you. This is very important. Please take the time to comment and give me your sincere and honest opinion. About my hair.

I am guessing that many if not most of you (women) have never worn your hair as short as I do. I didn't always have short brown hair. Oh no. I used to have a shoulder length-flat-ironed-dyed-blond-do. But that was before munchkins. Shortly after Zachary's arrival I went to the short cut I am still sporting five years later. I even stopped coloring my hair and went with my natural brown, which seems to darken every year. I used to get tons of compliments on my haircut. People would marvel at me for having the courage to go so short. It felt good.

Recently however, inspired by my younger sister who finally grew out the hair style that I copied in the first place, I decided I needed a change. Only I don't seem to have the patience to actually grow out all of my hair. It is a pretty painful process, one that involves months and months of "awkward" stages. I simply could not manage it. So I decided to take what might appear to be a small step, and grow my bangs out. Even this has proved to be trying. In addition to growing my bangs I got some highlights to "brighten up" my look. I'm not quite there yet. I want to grow these pesky bangs a bit more, but I'm just not sure this is going anywhere. I am no longer receiving compliments on my hair. Tragedy, especially now that ain't nobody going to be complimenting me on my awesome figure!

This is where you come in, dear reader. I am counting on you to tell me what to do. Above is my how I look today. Below was earlier this fall. What look do you prefer? Be honest. This is critical. We are talking about my hair here, my look.

In other totally unrelated news, did you know that men actually go nude in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco? I'm talking nothing but a pair of flip-flops and a smile naked. I kid you not. We made a stop in the area this afternoon after a visit to Golden Gate Park. We wanted to explore a new area and grab the kids some ice cream. Now don't get me wrong I am all for diversity. But public nudity? Is that even legal? I'm not sure I am ready to stand behind a naked man, no matter how buff, at Starbucks, and I really don't want to sit on the same public chair he was using five minutes ago. Small minded? Perhaps-but I'm okay with that.


  1. I actually like the bangs. I think it softens up the look!

  2. Oh yeah, the Castro. Nudity must be against the law, but not there apparently! Each time we drive through there, I have to answer a million questions from the kiddos.

    I like both, to be honest, but I love how the bangs fringe across your forehead! So maybe I like them best? It's hard when you are trying something new, but not sure what. I hear ya!

  3. Okay, I have to address the nudity thing first: Ew, ew, ew! Not because he's a naked guy but because he's not an attractive naked guy. And he's sitting on a chair. Because in my world, if I have to see a naked guy, he should at least be really, really good looking. And he shouldn't be sitting somewhere I may have a snowball's chance in hell of sitting one day. Actually, I take it back. I don't even want to see the good-looking naked guy. Men's junk is just unattractive. They need to wrap that stuff up.

    Onto the hair. I say, let it keep growing. It still looks really cute, and you've had it the same way for a long time, so you might as well see what happens.

  4. I like your hair on you and to let you know, I don't see much difference in the bang length in the 2 pics. A bit, yes, but both are nice. I think the longer bangs frame your face a bit more and give it a more swept to the side look. Way cute hair cut. Every time I try my hair longer (at my shoulders) I want to chop it short come summer! I have had the same hairstyle for YEARS now. I could use a change. I'll let ya know if I do!
    Are you familiar with Samantha brown from Travel Channel? Her short cut is really cute too and similar to yours. Have a great day!

  5. Read David Sedaris' book "Naked" When he visits a nudist colony, they all carry towels to sit on. It's only the polite thing to do in such circumstances. Didn't I teach you that, missy?

    Love your hair either way. You need to be satisfied with it, though

  6. I like the shorter look. When I first saw your long bang look, I thought it was a grade school pic, just because it makes your forehead look smaller, and your other features look younger. i think you have a very graceful forehead, and your face proportions are beautifuly showcased by your short hair. And it takes a brave soul to put their face out there! I had a very short haircut last year,and it made me uncomfortable at first, because there was no hair to hide behind... but people always commented on how great it looked. And it's the same with you, in my opinion!

  7. Hey Susanne, I think I like the idea of looking younger! Would love it if someone asked me for some ID next time I ordered a glass of wine! :)

  8. Well, you're about to be the mother of three, right? So time for styling, coloring and general fussing just might not be there, as far as I can tell! I'm sure you'll look great whatever you decide.

  9. Hey Rachel - maybe get some more highlights if you want a different look - but I think you look good with the short hair - and you will be glad you have a "wash & wear" cut and no need for blow drying after the baby arrives. Good luck!