Friday, January 28, 2011

Bye Bye Violet May

My five year old is suddenly very interested in being a teenager. Case in point, just the other day he made the following comments to me:

"Evan and I are pretending that our pull ups are underwear, because we are pretending to be teenagers!" (Yes, Zack is five, and yes he is still wearing pull ups to bed, I do pray that by the time he really is a teenager we will be out of this phase.)


"In our new house, I'm getting a new bed! A teenager bed!" (Zack is moving into a twin sized bed in part so that we can finally get Evan out of his crib and into the toddler bed.)

Ah teenagers. Right now it seems very far off, but we all know how that goes. One day you are immersed in Gymboree and diapers, and the next your snapping prom pictures and touring colleges.

It's one thing to have little boys at home, but teenage boys? I can hardly imagine that life. Some day I will have 3 hungry, sweaty, hormonal teenagers in my home. Three. That's a lot of tuna noodle casserole folks.

Yesterday I had my 20 week ultrasound. Although I was told at 12 weeks that by the looks of things there was a 99% chance that baby was another boy, there was a small part of me holding out for my 1% chance that "Violet" was really in there. I was going to name her Violet May. Pretty huh? But nope, the fate was sealed, baby is all boy.

I can take comfort in the fact that I know a lot about being a teenage girl, and it ain't pretty. Although I have no idea what it will be like to live with all this testosterone, I do know that I won't have to deal with the angst of girls. Sure, I may have to spend a heck of a lot of time on the sidelines of sporting events and picking up sweaty socks, but I won't have to have the fight about skin tight jeans and mascara at age 13.

Looking on the bright side, thanks for reminding me Zack!


  1. I also looooove the name Violet. It's just beautiful.

  2. Yes, Violet is a pretty name! But, a teenager girl... oh, the things they have to deal with.

  3. The sweaty sock picking up starts before they are teens. The teens are tough, be they boy or girl... BTDT. Lots.

    BTW... You look GREAT!!!!!

  4. If we adopt another girl cat, we'll name her Violet May.

  5. I get nervous for the akward early puberty stage with my little guy.....

  6. I have the same, how in the world am I gonna fed two hungry teenage boys. Ugh. So scary.......
    Happy weekend:)

  7. That's funny.I'm so busy thinking about my pre teen daughter I never thought of Archie as a teenager...A bit scary to be honest....

  8. Don't break the boys' hearts by telling them that REAL teenage boys wear boxers! And, yeah, it happens suddenly. Suddenly you've got a sullen big-mouthed thing hanging around and then, before he's through it, the next one starts in. But hey, my son is 15 1/2 and I can say that he seems to be becoming human again! That was only 2 1/2 years of torment!