Monday, April 22, 2013

The best day

I hate to brag, but have you seen what the weather has been like out here in northern California? Eighties and sunny, and YES, I am enjoying it.

Yesterday we made the best of it as a family and took an outing to Santa Cruz. These past few months, weekends have been hectic. We have strayed from our weekly outings in favor of baseball and soccoer games, birthday parties and workouts. I have missed our "family days."  So rather than spend Sunday doing the laundry, shopping and cleaning we left it all and headed to one of my favorite places in the bay area.

It was truly, truly a fantastic day. The sun was warm, the kids dodged waves and Julian chased seagulls. We dined on ice cream cones, saw sea lions and went to the "haunted castle." I can't remember the last time I felt so very...happy. It's amazing what a little sun and munchkin love will do for the soul.
As we sat on the pier licking ice cream cones and gazing across the water towards the carnival of bright colors, I made the declaration that "today was the best day we have had in a long time." The kids readily agreed and wouldn't stop talking about how much fun they had had.

As we headed back to the car I stopped in a souvenir shop to pick up a key chain, mine was broken and why not have a happy little trinket from our special day? I told the kids that from now on when I looked at my keys I would remember the fun we had.

Today as we were scampering out the door to get Zachary to school on time, the usual stress had taken over, until I heard a small voice say "mommy, look at your you remember?"

Yes I do. I always will.


  1. Look at your keys! That's fantastic! Great post :)

  2. That is a very sweet story about your little boy. I love it too.