Sunday, April 28, 2013

Here they come... Terrible Twos!

Trying for a sweet family photo. Julian had other plans, pulling dad's hair!

Once a cute giggling bouncy baby boy, (almost) always happy and satisfied to play with his broken array of hand-me-down toys, Julian has transformed. Yes he is now officially.... ALMOST TWO. Damn. It's going to be a long 1-2 years.

Tantrums? Check. Back -arch while trying to secure in car seat, highchair or stroller? Check. Food throwing? Check. Drawing on any hard surface and destroying furniture? CHECK!!!!!! We have it covered on all fronts. We are now home to another MONSTER TODDLER.

Oh, I had forgotten those years. The era when baby is old enough to do damage but too young to reason with. The years when a child is too young to be babysat by SpongeBob, and to snooze through brunch.

This weekend was particularly bad. Julian was in rare form and for much of the past two days, inconsolable. It may be that he is coming down with a little cold, but more likely I fear that he has been struck with a serious case of the terrible twos.

It's difficult, Zachary and Evan have come such a long, long way, yet we still have one foot firmly planted in the toddler years. Where we could go out for a meal with relative ease when accompanied by our older two children, Julian is squirming to escape his highchair and hurling food at our neighbors. Sans Julian we could go to movies as a family, play board games and travel without wanting to take our eyes out with a hot-poker.  Having baby number three, three years after baby number two, certainly shifted what is possible for our family right now.

Today we attempted a hike. God, how we wanted to take a hike on this beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon. We headed out in the minivan, to Redwood Park so we could enjoy a known flat, yet scenic trail. The boys were charged up and ready to revel in the beauty of nature.

Julian had other plans. Julian would not ride in the backpack. Julian would not walk. Julian would not accept a lift in my arms. Julian was only satisfied when standing still and throwing sticks.

We tried, oh we tried, but eventually the entire family succumbed to the tantrums of a 26 pound holy terror.

And has frustrating as it is, and it IS FRUSTRATING, we all still love the little bugger, I mean who on earth could anyone resist his sweet, angelic, facade? Like I's going to be a long, long year!

Trying to make the best of us. The boys and I are hiking ninjas!


  1. We are in the EXACT. SAME. SPOT. We can do lots and lots of fun things with the older two, but with the 2 year old in tow? We're often stuck. We have at least another year before we're truly manageable as restaurant or hotel guests, for sure.

  2. Best family picture ever! That has to be your Christmas card. I like how you're pulling up your shirt.