Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012: I'm Back!

2012, and I have yet to post. It is not that I have lacked for material.

I have kicked around many ideas:

New Years Resolutions for the kids. (Julian, eliminate all midnight, 2 and 4 am snacking. Evan, expand repertoire of insults beyond "poopyhead." Zack, pee in the toilet, not on or around it! )

If looks could kill. The bay area seems to be jam packed with crabby people who don't like children. It's as if this society demands women with children just stay home until the kids are grown. I have had far too many dirty looks while out in public with my kids. It's happened at the grocery store, on the street and while dining at local cafes. I don't get it. Babies, and kids are part of this world. Why do so many people dislike them? Sure, there is a time and place, but if you are having breakfast in an establishment that features highchairs and a children's menu, please, wipe the look of disgust off of your face when you are seated next to my family.

I hate Mel Gibson. Come on do I need to say more?

And I have had others, yet, I just haven't had the energy to fight with my computer and pound out a post. Today however as I was wallowing in a funk, I decided to turn a new leaf. Yes, I am a little tired and I have been dying for a vacation, just some "time off" from my life as mommy. However, this is my life and I had better make the best of it.

So this morning, before my husband headed off for his day out with the guys I put on my running shoes and went for a jog, the first in a long while. Then I came home and put on a dress and some lip gloss. I got dolled up (thus the picture) for my movie date with my sons. And you know what? It made me feel like a million bucks. And now, I am here writing on this little blog.

I'm back.

Watch out.


  1. Seriously, it's the endorphins. You are beautiful.

    And people around here suck. I called a mean old man at Berkeley Bowl an a-hole to his face after he yelled "SHHHHHHH" at my 2-yr old who was then 18 mos because she was SINGING. Not yelling...SINGING.

    How was the movie?

  2. I gotta say, that is one distinct advantage to living in Israel. EVERYBODY has at least three kids, and everybody is pregnant all the time. People are absolutely used to kids everywhere -the DMV, the bank, restaurants and cafes - the mall. Everyone is tolerant. The only problems is the lack of family-centered restaurants. There is absolutely no Ground Round, Fridays, Olive Garden or the like.

  3. Oh, and an aside. You look INCREDIBLE! Not incredible for 3 kids, not incredible for being in your mid 30's. Not incredible considering you are lacking sleep. Simply, beautifully, incredible.

  4. Welcome. And Happy New Year.

    And you look fabulous.

  5. If you would only quit taking up the ENTIREsidewalk with that little stroller! Never have i seen have less tolerance for children as I have witnessed in berkeley. . We should put them all on a subway at rush hour at the Times Square station. That'll show them crowded and loud!

  6. Woohoo! You go mama! I think my kids resolutions could have been the same, although they would have already failed miserably. And, my family got booted out of a restaurant a couple weeks ago b/c Phoebe was screaming too loudly. This was not a nice restaurant, mind you, a tacqueria, and the only other 2 patrons both had children with them. But, yes, we were told she needed to "tone it down" and so we walked out. So, I am feeling your anti-kid vibe these days.

  7. Go you! That's the attitude. It hurts at first and then you wish you'd done it sooner hey! Yeah, so weird the way we just can't seem to accommodate kids in our societies. What does that say about us I wonder???