Sunday, January 22, 2012

The picture I wish I could take.

It seems that many bloggers also happen to be fantastic photographers, and thus the "Wordless Wednesday" and "This Moment" posts have been born. These talented parents are able to take photographs of their children that seem to capture a moment and all the emotion that comes with it so perfectly. Unfortunately, that is just not me. My photos usually include forced smiles or blurry, unrecognizable images.

I wish I had a digital image that I could post here, one that would capture the time I had tonight with my baby. It is a beautiful memory, and lucky for me, it is imprinted in my heart forever.

The picture I would have taken:

The weight of a nearly eight month old baby pressed against her in the dark. His breath steady and heavy. She sings to him in soft tones, her voice not necessarily beautiful, but close, she calms him. She pets his soft hair which smells faintly of baby shampoo and lavender. The street light pours in through the window and the naughty laughter of children breaks through the quiet erratically, like waves breaking against the shore. Peace and quite found in the chaos, as slumber approaches.



  1. You take beautiful "pictures" with your words!

  2. You take beautiful "pictures" with your words!

  3. I could see this image very clearly....and it was beautiful!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. So many times when I was rocking my babies I just breathed it all in and wanted the memory burned in my mind forever.

    What I am jealous of is bloggers who are pregnant and take month by month (or even week by week) pictures. I love pregnant bellies so much but never thought to take any because I was too sick to care. I totally regret it.