Sunday, January 8, 2012

Follow up letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the Christmas gifts. I especially liked my glowing lightsaver, but that was from Nana & Grandpa, not you. Don't worry I liked the stuff you brought too, like the Darth Vader alarm clock even though mommy says our family hasn't had use for an alarm clock in six years.

I also like my Star Wars pajamas, but mommy told me that they make me look like a silly teenager because the pants hang off of my bottom. She is mad that you don't seem to know my size. It's okay Santa, I like them big!

Santa, I have a few questions. First, was my brother Julian on the naughty list? He didn't get very much for Christmas, and what he got was really boring. Baby wipes? Pureed carrots? I feel sorry for Julian. Maybe that is why he has been crying so much lately.

I also want to know if you can come back before next year. I really liked my play dough set, but I mixed all of the colors up and now I only have grey. Mommy keeps finding bits and pieces on the floor and throwing it away. She can be mean like that. I would like more play dough. I would like more candy canes. I would like an Ipad II. If you can't make it back, I suppose I could ask for these things for my birthday. I already know that I am having a Superman-Transformers-Buzz Lightyear themed party. It's going to be some cake. You can come to my party if you want. Then it could be a Christmas party too.

My older brother Zack gets mad at me sometimes. When I yell at him he tells me that I won't get any presents for Christmas. Is that true? I am usually not naughty. Well, sometimes I'm not naughty. I do like presents, so I hope he is wrong.

I hope you liked the cookies that we left for you, one fell on the floor, but mommy picked the dog hair off of it. I hope you didn't get the stomach flu after you came to our house. Everyone else did.

See you soon!



See you next year.


  1. Your son is so smart, what a good writer he is :D Santa didn't bring much when my kids were babies, just boring stuff like diapers.

  2. You write such great kid letters - they are priceless!

  3. Nice one! Good luck with the birthday party planning. ; )

  4. Oh, poor Julian....:( and what's with Santa getting sizes wrong all the time? he never gets it right at our house......