Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving On

Zachary is "graduating" from preschool on Friday. The JCC is making quite the to-do over the mini-milestone. There will be a ceremony with music, stories and food. Of course daddy and I will attend, camera in hand, practice I suppose for the future rites of passages that await us.

If Zack were to give a speech at his preschool graduation:

"Fellow students, respected professors and mentors, friends, family, it is an honor to be celebrating this momentous occasion with you. Today marks an end of an era, two years of education, friendships, self discovery and snacks. I have learned so much during my time at the JCC. The alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year, how to write my name and the dangers of shoving beads up my nose.

We have had our ups (remember the rocking Purim carnival of 2010?) and our downs (can you say sugar-free vegan muffins for "Sophie's" birthday treat?), and through it all we have stuck together. (Except for all of the times Lev told me I wasn't invited to his birthday party after various playground scuffles).

These have been good years, and they will not be forgotten. Today we say goodbye, and move in separate directions, on to our assigned public schools where we will be challenged in new ways. We are moving on to kindergarten. Kindergarten. It sounds a little scary doesn't it? Longer days, bigger classes, higher expectations. Free choice will be limited to thirty minutes a day. No longer will we be free to play super-hero vs. Spongebob and pick our noses for 4 hours a day. We are facing hard-cold reality. Homework. Desks. Backpacks.

But I am pressing forward with the confidence that I will someday learn how to tie these new shoes my mom bought for me, and that if I keep eating grow-big food I will be strong enough for the major leagues very soon.

So thank you all for the past two years. I wish you luck as you embark on your new adventures!

Can someone please give my mommy a tissue? She must have something in her eye."


  1. I love it! his speech was pretty awesome too - I'm sure it won't be long before they are actually asked to give one ;)
    thanks for the comment on WWM too!!

  2. Soooo funny. Zach's speech seems to have captured the transition well. I love these mini graduations - I remember my little boy's graduation well. I had the camera trained on him only to realise he and his BFF had got into a fight during the singing performance and had to be pulled apart by the teacher. It's the family's favourite home movie. Good luck!
    PS I blogged the moment at the time if you are interested in hearing more:

  3. My baby is growing up! I remember your first day of kindergarten!

  4. Wow, what a trip! They don't exactly do that kind of thing around here, and we're starting first grade in 2 weeks. She's worried because she's heard the big kids talk about homework.

  5. Unfortunately, I spent my daughter's pre-K graduation with her sniffling on my lap, refusing to participate while all her friends were up on the stage wearing darling graduation crowns! And my mother was sitting next to me hissing at me in Yiddish that I should "just force her to get up there!" this should have given me some idea of how the next seven years would go!