Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts....

1) Damn my lousy Internet connection. Just lost an entire Getrealmama Post. Must have been the best one ever....for sure.

2) Can my overachieving Facebook friends please cool it for a little while? You are making me feel pretty darn lazy. An example post: "9.5 mile run this morning before Extreme Spinning! Rewarding myself with an egg white omelet! Yum!" Please. How can I respond? "Ran 2.4 miles last Saturday. Now eating a bagel with full fat cream cheese and a latte....

3) Birthdays. Love them or hate them? I have always been a lover of the birthday celebration, but as I am getting closer and closer to 40, they are taking on a new meaning. I'll be 37 soon and I can't decide whether to live it up or pout in solitude.

4) The big 20 year high-school reunion is coming up, in theory. My class doesn't seem to have it together to plan anything. Our ten year equated to a bowl of chips, a cash bar and less than a fourth of our class showed up. Needless to say it was a bit of a let-down. Now it looks as if the twenty year is going to be a kegger/potluck at a local park. I am being deprived of my God-given right to spend the next six months working out so I can squeeze into a hot little black dress and "wow" all of my classmates who took me for a homely, awkward teen and never invited me to their parties. THIS IS MY CHANCE to look sophisticated and beautiful while sipping martinis and showing off my crazy dance moves. Instead we we are going to a park? I'll bet the kids will even be invited. Boo.

5) We have fleas. That's right fleas. My pets have fleas. I have fleas. At least they are eating me alive. And I am too tired to do anything about it. Solving the flea problem is just too much work.

Yeah. I suck.


  1. I ran 3 miles yesterday and then ate a bag of chocolate chips :P

    I just went to my 30th H.S. reunion. I did the workout like a maniac and wear the hot black dress. I looked good. But it was pretty anti-climactic. Pretty much all the women except for a couple looked so bad that I almost felt guilty for looking so good ...but they were so mean back then that I didn't :P

    Get that Advantage stuff for the pets. And 40 is pretty awesome... live it up. Pouting is such a downer... lol.

  2. I still dig birthdays even though I just turned 36. We've had fleas so many times I can't even count them. I sooo wish we lived closer - we have more in common NOW than we did in college!!!

  3. My high school year is crap at organising reunions too. In the end the job was left to the boy who was the most bullied and persecuted in the whole school's history. He had even undergone a name change. There was the unspoken fear that he would turn up with a machine gun. My sister didn't want me to go. In the end the 'reunion committee' (made up of the years misfits) collapsed due to infighting. It was hysterical, the emails going around the country at the time were great. Best part was it saved me from having to kick start and establish status career in short space of time!
    Good luck with the fleas - so demoralising!
    PS When my friends get fit I have no choice but to ditch them.