Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Email to a friend

Dear Friend,

I totally agree, we absolutely need to get the families together ASAP. I know that most of the month of May is out for you because you are traveling and then hosting out of town guests. I suppose I'm having a baby the beginning of June, and that will likely knock me out of commission for the month. Then of course I have my family visiting in July for several weeks to meet our newest addition. August could work, but you did say that you had weddings every other weekend this summer.

Fall? I know that seems awfully far away, but maybe fall would be better? I have to be honest, I doubt I will feel up to hosting anyone those first few months I am back at work. Balancing the the baby, the kids, the job and little sleep-I know that the housework is going to fall to the sidelines, and I will be in no shape for dinner guests. Of course then we get into the holidays and we both know how that goes....

So I am thinking how about a Friday night in 2026? Any Friday night. I think we are available. Think of it this way- we can go out to dinner someplace without a children's menu, we won't have to pay a sitter, and we can probably even sleep in the next morning!

What do you say? Are you free?




  1. Don't forget, you will be busy visiting me in the nursing home!

  2. Ha! You are so funny. I know the feeling exactly....