Thursday, November 11, 2010

Need to get it together

I just don't have my act together these days. Point in case our nanny arrived at 8am this morning and I had no idea why she was there. (She usually arrives at 12:45 and picks the boys up from preschool). I stared at her blankly as she stood in my doorway. "There is no school today." she reminded me. It's a good thing that she arrived when she did, because we were on our way out the door.... to preschool.

I had a doctors appointment this morning at 9:40, or so I thought. I decided that I had better call to confirm. I'm glad I did, because as it turns out, it is in fact next week.

Where oh where is my head? Why do I seem to lack all organization? I recently read one of my references on LinkedIn. The manager kindly described me as organized. I had to laugh. I am anything but organized. It is a true flaw. It can be seen in the sloppy way that food is hastily thrown into my refrigerator, the general disarray of every closet in my home, or the fact that I frequently forget to pay my credit card on time. For whatever reason I seem to be missing that tidy little organizational gene.

And I know that things are only going to get worse. There will be soccer practices, play dates, little league, school performances and field trips to remember. If I am failing now-I can only imagine what lies ahead in my future.

It's time to get my act together. I need the Yoda of domestic structure and planning to take me under his little wing. Oh wise mentor where art thou? Rescue me. I am hungry for your teachings.

But you might want to call to remind me when you are coming. I'll probably forget.


  1. If he does show up (and you are actually there) could you please point him North to pay me a visit? I have a terrible habit of showing up at the right place at the wrong time - wrong day. I warn people all the time that's my weakness and to please call and remind me things!

  2. I would suggest getting a planner, but my mother-in-law is always getting me one for Christmas, and it's never really the kind I like to use. Organization is a personal style, and you have to find your own. Believe me, I've tried fixing my husband, it hasn't and won't ever work. My mother-in-law is still trying through me. I'm not going to take up the cause.

    I also came up with a theory called Organizational Threshold. This occurred to me after I watched one of the teachers I work with start to lose a bit of her organizational mojo. I didn't think it was possible. Then I took a look at what was going on and realized that there had been a disruption which had thrown off her organization. I believe that each of us has an organizational threshold. Some people like my cousin can remain organized no matter what is thrown at them. And well, I can't.

    The key may be in finding where your threshold is and try not to take on more than that or delegate some of the tasks that are left over.

  3. It's called being a mother and having to manage 2 million bits of minutea from everyone's lives. Earlier this year I dressed us all up pn a Sunday morning to walk to the pre school fete a week early (I had also dragged our new neighbors with me). A week after that I dressed my little boy up - present in hand - to arrive at a birthday party in the rain a day early ("At least we aren't a day late" I told him, glass half full). Too much required of us....

  4. You and I? We may be twins, living parallel lives.

    Or did I tell you that already? Because I may have forgotten that.

  5. Ha! AT least I am not the only one who loses my brain sometimes...

  6. I'm the opposite - far too organised! But I do find my memory slipping lately, so I put anything I have to remember into my cell phone's calendar, with an alarm set to remind me!